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1. A few thoughts on Doctor Who 5.05.

Delightfully scary episode, especially Amy having to stand in the forest with her eyes closed -- a bit of meta on children hiding behind the sofa or watching between their fingers. That has to be one of the most terrifying things for a Companion to experience, no matter how much she trusts the Doctor. I liked "If we lie to her, she'll get better." I didn't understand most of the plot, and Amy's teleportation was a bit convenient. But the overall effect was great.

Yeah, River Song is smug and annoying and is probably overestimating her importance to the Doctor's future. I do like her, though, because I've always adored Alex Kingston. So there. ;) I don't think the great man she killed was the Doctor. Too obvious.

Since I wasn't watching the credits, I'm also quite pleased with myself for recognizing Iain Glen!

Not sure how I feel about Amy tackling Eleven at the end. I really don't want the show to go there again. I hated the way Martha mooned over Ten -- and I *loved* Martha! (If anything, Rose is #4 on my Companions list.) Having yet another young pretty woman be into the Doctor feels so reductive. On the other hand, the scene set it up as Amy's lust and him being convenient, rather than a genuine 'ship. Quite normal, if also a bit annoying. I'm not thrilled that she's running away from the wedding, though I'm glad that even she acknowledges it. I look forward to seeing more of her and Rory next week, so we can find out just *why* she's so scared of marriage.

Oh, and all the quips about "I'm getting married in the morning" were begging for a My Fair Lady shout-out. Glad that Moffat didn't go there. ;)

2. Every year I see the results of the Kentucky Derby and think, "I should've watched that!" Well, this year I remembered. The race itself wasn't as exciting as I'd expected, perhaps because I know nothing about anyone involved. Still, the tradition is fun, along with this photo of Johnny Weir in a hat.

3. Monsters of Men, the third book in Patrick Ness's trilogy, is coming out in the UK on Monday, though it won't be available stateside until September. I just ordered it from Book Depository, which has free worldwide shipping. Good deal! While I didn't *love* the first two books, I found them fascinating enough to want to read the third. Damn, they are SO dark and fucked-up. I got the second book from my school's library after a former student returned it, and although she's such a smart, thoughtful girl, I wanted to tell her, "No! Don't read this! Preserve your innocence for a little while longer!"

4. I hate going to the post office, so I was pleased to find that I can now go to the USPS website and type in my packaging info to purchase the mailing label without having to step foot in a queue. I selected priority shipping and put my Mother's Day present in the mail on Tuesday morning. Mom didn't receive it until today, which was two days later than it should've arrived, but at least she got it. I was a bit worried when the tracking number kept showing as "Awaiting pickup by postal carrier".

5. "Lather, rinse, repeat" on shampoo bottles always struck me as a scam to get us to buy shampoo more often. When I got my hair cut last week, my stylist told me that it's actually a good move. The first time you shampoo, it just breaks up the oils in your hair. Rinse it out and shampoo again, and shampoo lathers like crazy. Turns out she was right. My hair feels so much cleaner now!
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