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The proverbial clock is ticking.

I started to write a long post about my sleep habits, but I'm too tired. I know that doesn't qualify as irony, but I choose to think of it as such. Damn you, Alanis. Instead, I'll rant again about Katee on 24.

As much as I adore Katee herself, the show has just about lost me. It's just flat-out boring this season, which isn't a good thing for a show that I've always enjoyed as a totally ridiculous and obnoxious adrenaline rush. Then, of course, there's the issue of how AWFUL Katee's storyline is, but I've already hashed that out in previous posts. Last week's spoiler pics of her carrying a gun (with a silencer!) while being chased by Kiefer made me optimistic that things are about to turn around. Guns! Katee! Awesome! Except last night we got more stupidity (from the writers and, well, from Dana herself.) I'll hang in there, but it's getting very, very difficult.

Ken Tucker has a great post on 24 and its woman problem, in which he makes many of the same arguments as I've made.

I'm also a bit concerned about how this might affect her career. Yes, it's great exposure, and it's a way for her to show her range. On the other hand, playing a character who is being held up as the worst part of a bad season isn't exactly good publicity. Overall, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives, but still. Hopefully her storyline will turn around soon, and she'll get a huge boost out of it to lead her into pilot season. Knock on wood. Until then... *sigh*.

(Pointless, repetitive posts like this are what happens when I challenge myself to post every day for a month.)
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