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Backwards and in heels.

For those of you who are also a bit, er, concerned about Katee's storyline on 24, check out this post from Jezebel. HUGE POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT. A few thoughts:

1. Wow, I didn't even recognize her until I looked closely! Might be because of how she's grimacing.

2. Is Jack chasing her, or are they in this together? If the former, then I'm not sure how Dana goes from cowering victim to being targeted by Jack Motherfucking Bauer in one of the last episodes of the season, when he's usually after the Really Bad People. Either way, at least it's a hell of an improvement over what's going on now!

3. Her gun has a silencer. I kinda love that.

4. I also love that she's running in heels, though when did she have the chance to change out of that black dress into a cute lavender shirt and jeans?

5. The Dana-hate hurts my heart, even though I totally agree that her storyline is really, really awful. Maybe it's just my Katee loyalty? Here's hoping that if she does eventually become awesome, then she can win back all the people who are either screaming how much they hate her or who are (like me), sighing tragically that the superfabulous Kara Thrace has come to this. Awww.
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