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I am a font of patience. Or something.

Oh, Katee. I'm still waiting for your awesomeness to emerge, but it's getting more and more difficult. I was counting on callmeonetrack's spec that this was the episode in which Katee hinted that her character hit a turning point, but nope. In fact, it's killing my assumption that Kevin and Arlo (the idiot CTU tech) are working together to set her up, since Arlo seemed confused even when nobody else was around -- if he were in on it, he wouldn't have checked out her workstation. Of course, he could've been putting on a front for everyone else. I'm still really hoping that's the case, because at least it would give this whole thing some logic.

My biggest problem with her storyline isn't her weakness and gullibility where Kevin's concerned (because as I said earlier, Dana is pretty great otherwise), but because as of now it's such a stupid, nonsensical distraction from everything else that's going on. Then I remember all those awful Kim storylines and... yeah. This whole season is just so crazy and disjointed and boring. The show has a tendency to pull everything together in unexpected ways, but my patience is running out six episodes in.

And let's not even get into the issue of what's going on with Renee. I know the writers claim she's almost like the female Jack, but GAH.

As for the massive frustration of Dana's weakness and lack of common sense, I came up with a new spin on it when Tara and I were discussing it in last week's post. (Pasting it here.) Something about her character just clicked for me. Have any of you seen the Bourne movies? Dana now reminds me a lot of Julia Stiles' character in the movies. As much as we want her to kick ass... she's a data analyst. She sits behind a desk all day. She isn't trained for covert ops, and she probably hasn't spent time on a firing range. She's essentially you or me or maybe half the people on my flist. Even though she does this kickass job the rest of the time, it's kinda understandable that she becomes weak and terrified when threatened.

Right now I'm holding onto that, because I'm an eternal optimist and really want this to turn out well for her. And while the two roles are in no way comparable, the nice thing about Jamie on L&O:UK is that Dick Wolf characters never show any growth and barely have any interior lives. No chance of me being disappointed with him. All that's left is to just sit back and enjoy how pretty Matt Devlin is. ;)

BTW, I did laugh aloud at Chloe telling Arlo to stop checking out Dana's ass, then the camera following her own ass as she walked away. Älso: Jack's glasses. HA.
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