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TV is finally good again!

After far too long of a wait, it's time for another new episode of Law & Jamie Order: UK! Oh, how I've missed the prettiness known as Jamie Bamber. For those who haven't yet seen it, here's the weekly picspam of Jamie goodness. (Why did I never love Lee Adama as much as I love Matt Devlin? Maybe it's the accent and profound lack of angst. Hmm.)

Plus one of Freema looking beautiful in a '40s starlet sort of way. :)

And in the interest of promoting (former) Pilotlove, here are a couple of watermarked pics of Katee at today's TCA press conference and party.

Oh, Katee. Leopard print? And while I really like the cut of the party dress, the color is all wrong for her. I'm still looking forward to this Sunday, though!

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