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Twelve Days of Pilots: 8 Maids A'Milking

A disclaimer: this one has almost nothing to do with maids, but hey. Trying to make them all fit is a nearly impossible task! And, as usual, all the stories thus far are here.

8 Maids A'Milking
For daybreak777, because this feels like the kind of story she would enjoy!

* * * * *

When Kara Thrace was born, her mother stared at the newborn and said, “Well.”

When Lee Adama was born, his father touched the peach fuzz on his tiny head as Caroline fed him, and he murmured, “I have a son.” He smiled.

When Kara was four, she put on a fancy dress and watched her father perform for the first time. He winked at her from the stage. She giggled, and her mother shushed her.

When Lee was seven, his father missed his birthday party. Lee sat in the backyard and declared that he hated his Dad. His mother took a sip of her orange juice in a fancy glass and said, “You shouldn’t hate him. That’s just your father.”

When Kara was nine, a social worker from the base’s family services office showed up at their door. On cue, Kara pointed to her Junior League “Most Improved” trophy and said that her broken leg didn’t hurt much. With a permanent marker, she drew swirls of color on the plaster cast.

When Lee was thirteen, he tried to kiss a girl during gym. His friend Titus laughed and said, “You’re doing it wrong,” so Lee punched him. His father – home on leave – picked him up from the principal’s office. On the drive home, he stared straight ahead at the road then said, “I’m very disappointed in you.”

When Kara was sixteen, she lost her virginity to a guy in art class. No big deal. She came home and told Momma, who took her to the clinic for a birth control prescription. “Don’t even think of skipping a pill. The last thing I need is another one of you to raise.” Kara did skip a few, just to see what happened, but by that time the guy from class wasn’t interested in her anymore.

When Lee was eighteen, he told his grandfather that he didn’t want to join the military. Joseph Adama laughed and said, “Good luck getting that one past your father.” Then he surprised Lee by adding, “I think you’d be suited for it, though. You can always practice law in the service.” Granddad’s opinion still carried weight with him. Lee thought about it long and hard before making an appointment with the local Reserves office. The recruiter had the good sense not to mention his father’s name.

When Kara was eighteen, she stared at her busted knee – entirely her fault this time – and listened to her mother ask what the hell she was going to do now that her scholarship was gone. “Maybe you could waitress, though I doubt you’d earn much in tips.” As her knee healed, she sat on the front porch and watched Vipers take off at the nearby airstrip. It made her heart race the same way a winning shot used to. Once she was back to full strength, she packed a bag, told her mother to go frak herself, and walked over to the base to enlist.

When Lee was twenty, he was ranked second of 128 cadets, and on the fast track to bigger and brighter things. He found himself looking forward to his Advanced Avionics seminar more than the second-year Litigation class. Though he didn’t mention the change during his obligatory weekly phone calls to his mother, she somehow found out and told Dad, who wrote him with hollow words of encouragement. Lee stared at the letter and started filling out the paperwork to drop Avionics, but he couldn’t bring himself to file it.

When Kara was twenty-one, she was ranked sixteenth of 117 cadets. The day before commencement ceremonies, Colonel Crawford stared at her over his glasses and muttered, “You’re damned lucky to be graduating, Cadet.” Kara paused then blew a smoke ring in his face, a trick she’d spent a week perfecting. Another officer delivered her diploma to the brig, along with the official paperwork offering her a commission. She smoothed out the documents and placed them under the pillow of her cot, then did another round of push-ups to protect the only reason the military was keeping her around.

When Lee was twenty-two, he realized that he was on the road to becoming exactly what he never wanted to be, and he found that he didn’t mind much.

When Kara was twenty-three, she fell in love.

When Lee was twenty-four, he met Kara Thrace.

* * * * *

End (8/12)
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