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The late afternoon update.

1. Wow, thanks for all the snowflakes! Seeing them lined up on my profile page is a lot of fun. :)

2. My period is kinda freaking me out today. I've always had a very heavy flow, but today has been *insane*. Had to make way too many trips to the ladies' to, er, freshen up. No cramps, fortunately, and this degree of heaviness isn't unprecedented -- so I'm not too worried. But if it happens again next month, I guess I'll make an appointment with my doctor.

3. Was quite pleased to discover that my school library has The Ask and the Answer, the second book in Patrick Ness's trilogy, which means I don't have to buy it -- I liked the first book, but not quite enough to splash out when money's so tight. The downside is that a student currently has it checked out until 12/17. I'm resisting the urge to track her down and wheedle ask nicely for her to return it!

4. Last week I ordered some sweaters from the Women's Plus section of Old Navy (because I am a Big Girl), only to discover that one of them had a hole in the arm seam. The obnoxious thing about ordering from that department is that all Women's Plus clothes are mail-return only, and they deduct $6 from the refund to cover postage costs. Why should I pay to return defective merchandise? Then I noticed that three of the six sweaters -- including the one in question -- were NOT marked as "mail return" on the invoice. I took a chance and brought it to a store on Saturday, expecting them to decline it, at which point I planned to ask if they could waive the return postage charge. Instead, the clerk didn't even blink as she processed the return in 30 second flat. Yay!

Flush with my success, I decided to look around the store for the hell of it. Imagine my surprise to discover that not only can I fit into some styles of sweaters in an XXL, but they're even a bit baggy on me. (Not all of the styles, but the $10 v-necks fit beautifully.) Huh! Of course, I bought a couple. Now, I suspect this is due to their ridiculous vanity sizing rather than me suddenly losing a lot of weight, especially since I don't think I *look* any different in the mirror. Then again, some friends commented yesterday that I look a bit thinner, and many of my other clothes have lately become a little looser. I'm not getting my hopes up -- and I'm too scared of scales (denial) to find out for certain -- but it was a nice little pick-me-up. :)

5. Yesterday I discovered that season one of Legend of the Seeker was available via Netflix On Demand (another reason why I love having a TiVo.) So, I got sucked into marathonning the first 9 episodes. It's a fun little show, and beautifully shot. I have a mental block against fantasy -- sorry! -- and it's not pinging my meta jones. But so far it's been great background viewing while I do something else, and I plan to finish S1 and download the aired episodes of S2. Oh, and I wish they'd let the actors keep their Kiwi accents instead of forcing American ones!

6. I fear I may never finish all my Christmas knitting -- SO much of it! -- which is not a good thing given how many of my gifts involve yarn. And why do I keep starting fingering-weight scarves that take forever? They always seem like such a good idea at the time, but I'm quickly bored out of my mind.

7. One bit of fandom news: nicole_anell has been posting some fun and detailed writeups from the recent London con with BSG and Firefly actors. Start here then just go to her main LJ page for the other two. :)
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