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A while back, I had a streak going in which I posted to LJ every day, eventually hitting 1,000 straight days. (I think it ended in April 2008.) Sometimes I'd stick some pointless junk in a post just to keep it going, and that's where the linkspam habit started. ;) Now that I'm doing good to post every third day, I've realized that, in many ways, it was easier for me when I had to make myself post something before midnight rolled around. Now I even have a little "LJ topics" list in my phone's notepad app, so I can remind myself of things I want to say here, but I still often come up blanks. The other day I heard about NaBloPoMo, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Maybe getting back into the daily posting habit will help me out!

Nothing much on my mind tonight, though. I'm currently watching Mad Men, and the JFK assassination footage is giving me chills. My grandparents moved from Mississippi to Dallas in 1955, and they both worked as typesetters for the Dallas Morning News for nearly thirty years. This was back in the days when newspapers were printed on a press, with those tiny pieces of metal for each individual letter. Grandma told me about how she was one of the people assembling the front page after the President was shot downtown. My mother was a high school senior in Oak Cliff; though I'm sure she has told me about her own experiences, I can't remember them (must call her and ask.) Because she doesn't have health insurance, she goes to Parkland Hospital's various clinics at least once a week, and I'm often reminded of the JFK assassination when she talks about the hospital that holds such an infamous* place in the nation's history. And when I'm back in town, I sometimes steal a glance at the triple underpass while I'm driving past it. Obviously, Dallas now is worlds away from what it was like in 1963, but although I was born there over a decade later, it still feels like a strange part of my own history.

* Tiny grammar peeve: many people don't seem to realize that "INfamous" means that something's famous for a bad reason. I made this mistake for years -- probably because it sounds fancier than just saying "famous" -- so the word really sticks out for me when people use it the wrong way!
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