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What is it about Con week (and, really, September in general) that always does a number on my brain? Plus, my face has picked this weekend to break out like crazy, leaving me blotchy and bumpy and not giving off a good first impression. Eh, all of the above is probably just due to hormones. Wouldn't be the first time! Quite a busy day, though. Both of the BSG panels were nice. We also dropped in on one panel that was unintentionally hilarious for how seriously the people took themselves and their negligible talents. (Won't give names because they're average people, unrelated to any fandoms.) And then tonight we went to a Braves game. It was my first one since I moved here ten years ago. I'll have to do that more often.

I probably won't head back down there until mid-afternoon on Saturday. If the lines aren't too awful, I'd like to hit the panel with Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Then maybe I'll drop by the Colonial Fleet party if I'm in the mood. It's hard to get as excited when I'm driving down there each day and paying for parking, but a hotel room just wasn't an option this year.

Whatever the case, four-day weekends are always nice!
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