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"Animals strike curious poses."

Was catching up on some NPR podcasts today, and they had a piece with two guys from Maroon 5 talking about how much they love Prince's Purple Rain. Damn, that was a great album. I think it came out when I was in 4th grade, and it still sends me on a massive nostalgia trip. (Please don't tell me you weren't born when it came out; I'm having a hard enough time these days with feeling oooooold!) Something about the plinking melody line from "When Doves Cry" just gets to me. I also love the acapella version on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, but I can't find it on YouTube. And yup, I can still recite the whole opening to "Let's Go Crazy"; too bad most of it is cut from the video.

Then I came home to watch the rest of the Popular season 2 DVDs, and Mary Cherry performing "Rock Me Amadeus" sent me straight to YouTube. It's funny how early-to-mid '80s pop -- not new wave -- kinda sucked, but right now I'm tripping on it. Maybe it's the nostalgia factor? And now I'm hunting down other relics on YouTube.
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