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Law & Jamie 1.07

Tonight I put on my imaginary beehive 'do and played Bingo! Met some friends from my knitting group at a local restaurant that has Bingo on Mondays. Free to play, and with prizes -- great way for the restaurant to bring patrons in the door, huh? I won twice! The big prize was simply a $5 gift cert for my next visit, but hey. I can use it next time we decide to play. Fun was had by all, and I should really do that sort of thing more often. (If you're reading this, Lisa, that was a great idea! Thanks for the invite!)

Do any of you know of a Firefox extension or a Greasemonkey script that will remove preformatting from text on webpages? This afternoon I tried to read a bunch of posts in a new community I'd joined, but all the font substitutions -- Times Roman or Trebuchet instead of the browser default, for example -- gave me a headache. I'm so glad that LJ now uses cookies (or whatever) to show every page in the default style instead of my having to add "?style=mine", but that doesn't seem to work when someone formats their post in a certain font. I've had the same issue with a few non-LJ websites. Another symptom of my getting old: I want everything as simple and easy to read as possible. :)

Alas, it is the last week of L&O:UK until September. Sigh. I shall miss my weekly dose of Jamie Being Pretty. So, here's one more picspam, plus some spoilery comments about it.

A warning: if sexual assault is a trigger issue for you, please just skip this episode.

Okay, huh? The opening teaser already hit my "ugh, I don't want to be reminded of that" buttons when she sat down on the table, but one thing really bothered me. Is it common practice in the UK for a male gynecologist to examine female patients alone? Over here, nearly every male doctor (and many female ones) will bring along a female nurse to observe, in order to prevent any problems. Or maybe the issue here is just that the original US script was written years ago, before that was customary.

ETA: I typed that before the second visit, when the nurse came in and offered to stay. And that's when the episode got even creepier. UGH. If Jamie weren't around, this episode was NOT something I would want to continue to watch.

On a sillier note: the characters walk-and-eat quite often on this show. It also has Jamie with really good hair, and being concerned while holding a cuppa, and wearing a wool coat. God, I am such a sucker for guys in coats. And Asta? I like the plaid shirts. So there. ;)

P.S. Do y'all have recommendations of other video players besides VLC? I know many people swear by it, but I don't like the interface at all -- very hard to skip back and forth to get the exact frame I want when screencapping. Ctrl-T is such a pain in the ass. I used BSPlayer with my old laptop and LOVED it, but I don't feel like downloading a cracked warez version.
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