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1. Snow! In Atlanta! In MARCH! Wow. I know our measly 2" is nothing compared to up north, but it's a huge deal here. I'm hoping that the sub-freezing temps cause the roads to ice overnight; I'd really love a snow day tomorrow. Yeah, we overreact to snow, but then we only get this sort of thing maybe once a year. Municipalities don't have sand trucks, and most people don't own snow tires. Our roads are so hilly that even a light coating of ice can make them treacherous, especially for all those school buses. And here's my gratuitous snow photo:

We didn't get as much as the rest of the metro area, but I'm not complaining! I'm just surprised that it came down so heavily, given that we usually get flurries. Shortly after I took the photo, rain began to mix with snow, melting away much of it. Alas. On the plus side, all that wetness combined with the forecast low of 23 degrees makes icy roads a good possibility, as I said above. I'm not getting my hopes up, though. The county never cancels school when I want them to. ;)

ETA: Aha! Just saw this on the Atlanta paper's website:
"Spokesmen for the [my county] school system said it was too early to say if schools would be open Monday morning. They said they would decide about 5 or 5:30 a.m. “We’ll send drivers out to test the roads about 4 a.m. and make a determination after that,” [county school spokesman] said."

2. On The Amazing Race, there is a (not very good) team named Jaime and Cara. I find this way too amusing. Pretty happy with the season overall, and Mel & Mike are awesome.

3. Last night I made chili bake, though I decided to use a crock pot of homemade chili. Yum! It's quite easy and would probably work with some substitutions if you don't have frozen latkes handy. Just use frozen hash browns.

4. During homeroom, I showed a few kids one of those gorgeous photos of Barack and Michelle from the first White House black-tie event. After the oohs and aahs (and a couple of "I wish they were my mom and dad!"), I mentioned that Earth Wind & Fire had performed at the event. The kids gave me blank stares. (One parent later said, "C'mon, I played their greatest hits to her in the crib!") Chagrined by their musical ignorance, I went over to Amazon and played a few of the .mp3 samples. I couldn't stop laughing during "September" when K's face went from "huh?" to "OMG I KNOW THIS SONG!" ;)

5. Linkspam.
-- A few from Jez: Why don't designers cater to the average American woman?, why don't we value intelligence in women anymore?, and a great story on quinceañeras.
-- Mental Floss explores the history of marketing feminine hygiene products. Also, Coraline from A-Z, and can you name the Bluths in four minutes?
-- Slate writes about the terrible, entertaining beauty of tornadoes. (Well, I suppose unless you're caught in one.)
-- The NYT has a Q&A with Bret and Jemaine. They also want to know why even Obama messes up "Michelle and I". And for Sarmoti: taking the Snuggie to the streets.
-- Oooh, a Blur reunion at the NME awards last week, where they played my all-time favorite of theirs, "This Is a Low".
-- And for the handful of you who haven't yet seen it: Jamie Bamber goes shirtless for PETA.
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