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I ain't happy, I'm feelin' glad. And lovin' Boppy!

1. Who else watched Obama's infomercial paid campaign advertisement tonight? Preachin' to the choir here (I've already voted for the guy!) but it was still pretty darn cool. I'm also thrilled to bits that RCP now lists Georgia as a "tossup" state. Oh, I doubt we'll go blue, but it makes me happy. (I know 538 is apparently better than RCP, but it's just so hard to follow -- all those charts and maps with no explanations of what they really mean. I'm dense.)

2. The big problem at school this week is a child who insists on farting. Loudly. Often. In public. "It's a normal body function, Ms. Wisteria!" And since this is sixth grade, all the other students freak out and squeal "eeeeuw!" Sigh. When I joke that we teachers get two months off in the summer as compensation for dealing with 11-12 year-olds all year, this is one of those reasons. ;)

3. Since I first saw BSG after the Mini, I've been nagging saying that I'd love a Baltar/Six vid to "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz. Well, the truly magnificent bop_radar made the vid! And it's fabulous! If I didn't already love Boppy to itty bitty pieces, this would cement that adoration. Even if you're not into the pairing, do go watch it and tell her how great it is. :)

4. Jon Hamm did a hell of a job hosting SNL last week. Many people have already linked to "Don Draper's Guide to Picking up Women", which is hilarious even if you've never seen the show. But I have to admit that I laughed like a fiend at the juvenile and ridiculous "Jon Hamm's John Ham". Check 'em out!

5. Linkspam, anyone?
-- My second-favorite show comes back tomorrow night! Stereogum offers five things 30 Rock should do to truly become the next Arrested Development.
-- Thank goodness Snopes debunks those annoying-but-sorta-funny lists of bad metaphors from English student essays.
-- The NYT food critic has a really long and fascinating Q&A session with readers.
-- Boston Magazine went to Gloucester, MA, to get the full story of the so-called "pregnancy pact".
-- Pushback.org has a wonderful interview (with video) of Elizabeth Edwards speaking about health care.
-- Ooh, check out Mindy Kaling's new web series, "House Poor".
-- Cracked lists six creepy urban legends (that happen to be true).
-- Glark asks what if TV title cards told the truth?
-- A local foodie blogger explains why candy corn is the worst candy in the world.
-- Cake Wrecks picspams five awful Dalek cakes.
-- Creative Loafing compares David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell's "made for radio" voices, including audio clips. ;)
-- And finally, my personal hero Amy Sedaris (really, can that family just adopt me?) discusses vaginal health. Eek!
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