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I'm not as excited about the Emmys this year, but of course I'm watching. I *love* awards shows, especially this one because at least I've seen most of the nominees. The term "liveblog" is rather silly and overused, but I guess that's what I'll be doing tonight! So, uh, I'll keep updating this post as I watch. ;)

Preshow - Meh. Though it was fun to see Tricia Helfer for a quick moment, even if I can't find any pics of her on Getty or WireImage. (How did she score an invite? Not that she doesn't deserve one, of course! But Burn Notice isn't that high profile, and we know how the Emmys feel about BSG. ;)

8:07 - Yikes. Make the monologue stop. You'd think that five people who are experienced at this sort of thing (including Seacrest who hosts live) would know how to talk to an audience without sounding like fools. I was wanting to see more of Heidi... except not THAT much Heidi, even if she does have the body for it. Also, them stressing that they are "UNSCRIPTED!!!" is a wee bit crass after the WGA strike.

8:08 - TINA AND AMY! Looking gorgeous. I'm not at all surprised that Piven won, though I'm sure many would agree that it should've gone to Neil Patrick Harris. Now I'm bracing myself for many disappointments tonight. Piven's a decent guy, though.

8:20 - Jean Smart? Huh! That's a bit of a surprise, but I'm happy with it. She's pretty good on a cute show, and the speech is fun. There's been some buzz that Christina Applegate could win, so I'm curious if this is a sign.

8:29 - Zeljko Ivanek? Another huh. I'd just assumed that Mad Men would win every category in which it was eligible, but I think ZI did a better job overall than John Slattery. I'd still be surprised if Damages wins Best Drama; while I liked the show, I don't remember that much buzz while it was on. BTW, Anastasia Griffith (Jamie Bamber's sister) is here tonight, and looking quite lovely.

8:32 - The Steve/Stephen/Jon OTP hug from last year!!! Best damn moment in that show. And Carell's rocking the poker face. He's got a twofer: Steve/Nancy is my real-life celebrity OTP.

8:35 - I love when they say stuff like "The Colbert Report, Show #1351", because it sounds so random. Then again, I suppose they'd all run together. And look! Last year's Emmy broadcast won! I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

8:42 - Yes, I did an "Oooooh" at Conan's Heigl joke. Just realized I have absolutely no opinion about Drama Supporting Actress.

8:44 - I know that ... EEK! BEST CATEGORY!!!!!!! Oops, had to stop there for a moment. Best Writing for a Variety is always the most entertaining category. This is so fucking awesome on so many levels.

8:48 - Yay, Colbert finally won! Oh, and thanks to ez_as_pi for linking to red carpet photos of Katee. :) And I just found a few more on WireImage. Can't decide about her hair. I do like the messy look, but it's a bit TOO messy.

9:02 - This Josh Groban medley is either an auditory assault or sheer brilliance. Right now I think I'm leaning toward the latter, if only for Animal and South Park and the profound WTF factor. ETA: I FUCKING HATE YOU, JOSH GROBAN!!! Didn't you know that the theme song from The Jeffersons is the worst earworm of all time? Now I'm going to have that damn song going through my head all night.

9:08 - I like Laura Linney. No real reason; I just do. "Community organizers." Heh.

9:15 - The Laugh-In thing would've been much more enjoyable if I (and most of the audience) had any memories of the show. It's just making me cringe. Quite interesting, though, to see how much pop comedy has changed in the past forty years.

9:17 - Aww, Colbert lost again. I'm quite happy about TDS, though. While I love Stephen more, I think that TDS is the better show overall.

9:19 - Lauren Conrad? Whatever. David Boreanaz, though! He's just so darn adorable. Did you see his socks bit in the preshow? I love how seven of the eleven nominees were for my beloved 30 Rock. Conway wouldn't have been my choice, though. I've got a huge GOB bias.

9:22 - Not at all surprised that Sonnenfeld won, though I have mixed feelings. I thought the PD pilot was way too twee, especially "Pie-Lette". Almost turned me off the show, though thankfully it calmed down as the season progressed. His win is kinda amusing given that his direction (and cost overruns) nearly gave ABC a coronary.

9:23 - Aww, it's so fabulous to see Conchords onscreen, even though of course it won't win. I love that Tina Fey won for Best Writing, given how active she was during the strike. Hell, I just LOVE Tina Fey, period. She's my role model for life. "Never go with a hippie to a second location!"

9:47 - Sorry, took a short break to finish knitting my "Maelstrom" socks, and now they're done! Yay! Catching up now....

9:50 - Stewart/Colbert OTP! I just knew it was prunes when he pulled out the bag. So much for not talking politics!

9:59 - Hee! The Amazing Race won AGAIN. Last season wasn't their best, and Project Runway probably should've won. But dammit, I *heart* TAR.

10:03 - Tom Hanks' glasses are a bit terrifying.

10:08 - Please let Kristin and NPH sing! They didn't? Darn. And BWAH! I just knew Don Rickles would win, and I can't wait to see Colbert's jokes about it next week. (Though I really feel bad for him, as I suspect Colbert *wants* that award and there's a bit of truth to his jokey indignance.)

10:16 - Yes, I giggled when they announced Michael Angeli's name. I don't hate him like most everyone else, and I think he would've deserved it. I was thinking that if Mad Men didn't win, then it was a sign. So, my money's currently still on MM for Best Drama, but that's tenuous. Also, that shot of Jon Hamm was odd -- until he blinked, he looked like a statue.

10:25 - Alec Baldwin! I still have "Rosemary's Baby" on my Tivo, just so I can rewatch that damn therapy speech anytime I want. Fucking FABULOUS.

10:27 - In one of the predictions articles I read today, the writer said that Best Drama Actress was (paraphrasing) "five excellent actresses in distinguished, impressive roles... none of which are all that exciting." I did like Glenn Close in that show, though, so I'm fine with her winning.

10:29 - In Memoriam. Time for a snack break! (C'mon, I'm not the only one thinking that.) I do really appreciate that, unlike the Oscars, the Emmy director doesn't include the audience applause... which always comes across as a popularity contest.

10:38 - It's gonna be Spader... and ... OMG IT ISN"T! Wow! WOW WOW WOW! Though one of the pundits did say this morning that Cranston could pull off a dark horse win. I started watching Breaking Bad when it premiered, but I lost interest. He was marvelous, though. Now I'm wondering if Mad Men really will win Best Drama.

10:41 - TINA! I fucking love you, Tina Fey.

10:43 - Love how Reality Show Host is third-to-last award presented. Where the hell is Phil Keoghan? Hmph. Oooh, I love Heidi Klum's dress. Wait, after the break? I'd be laughing if I weren't annoyed that REALITY SHOW HOST DOES NOT DESERVE SUCH PROMINENCE IN THE AWARDS SCHEDULING. Heh, from Rob Barnhart: "Now that is the ultimate writers' revenge on the reality shows ... making their hosts sweat through a commercial break before finding out which one of them has won the Emmy." ... And it's Probst? Huh. I figured it'd be Seacrest, with Klum as a dark horse.

10:54 - 30 ROCK, BABY. ANd now I get to pull out my street cred by proclaiming that I've been a fan since the pilot. Hmph. ;) And holy shit, that's a lot of people on the stage. Love Tina's viewing plug at the end.

10:56 - Bless you, Tom Selleck, for not giving a speech. I'd honestly be okay with any of them except Boston Legal. .... MAD MEN. I totally fucking called it, dammit. As soon as nominations were announced, I said that Mad Men was going to win everything. Okay, it didn't win nearly as many as I'd expected, but still. (Not that my prediction is all that impressive, given that the majority of critics said that Mad Men would win. ;)

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