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I've been rather down lately. Not depressed, thank goodness. Just moody and nervous. Only two more weeks of vacation, for which I'm quite grateful even though it goes by way too fast. Adding to that is the anxiety of starting a new position at a different school, after having been at my old one for nine years. Plus, I'm now getting hit with the biological clock crap (I don't want kids, but I don't want to wake up in twenty years and regret not having them when I had the chance.) Then there's some other personal stuff I won't go into here. Oh, and on Monday I have an appointment for my first full physical in, uh, years. I really can't complain, though. I have a good life compared to many. I'll be fine, just like always, but it's still rather scary!

Life's not all gloom. Summer vacation has been very, very relaxing. I'm also really excited about the fic I'm writing now, which is a great feeling because I haven't been all that happy with what I've written for quite a while. With luck, I'll finish next week.

I also watched Doctor Who's "Love and Monsters" when BBCA reran it this afternoon. Apparently, it's not all that popular, but it just delights me to no end. And, judging by it and some of his other recent roles, I've got a mini-crush on Marc Warren. ;)

Anyway, here are some links:
-- Salon attempts to explain why ABBA is so beloved.
-- Inspiration alert: A Sudanese "lost boy" is on the US Olympic track team.
-- While in town this week, Rainn Wilson did the CNN weather report.
-- Last night I watched all of Sarah Haskins' videos for Current_, full of snark about "women's issues". They're gold.
-- Jez also has an interesting post on classic movie sex scenes.
-- Sepinwall reviews Dr. Horrible, plus an interview with Neil Patrick Harris about them. He also talks to one of the HIMYM producers.
-- Via PopWatch: A guy writes about having a walk-on appearance on Law & Order.
-- Via Mental Floss: Debunking conspiracy theories and a nifty tool that lets you create a hurricane.
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