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For the first time in years, I didn't get up early to find out who was nominated for Emmys. I suppose the release/leaks of the shortlists takes away some of the buzz, but I also wasn't all that excited about any of the possibilities this year. I think I've gotten too darn jaded. But here are some observations after I went through the complete list, all 38 pages! Yup, I'm an awards dork.

-- I'm sad that McDonnell didn't make the top five, though I'm not the least bit surprised. And I'm laughing my ass off at Emmy Nominee Michael Angeli, just for the mental image of all those exploding heads. "Six of One" really is a great episode, even if the writing was (Angeli's usual) heavy in parts, and in some ways the writing/directing nods are an even bigger deal than acting, as the voters tend to have watched the work (unlike acting, where any ATAS member can just go down the list and check off the names they recognize.)

-- Two song nominations for Conchords! I'm not actually a huge fan of "The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)", and "Inner-City Pressure" is one of my least-favorites. Still, yay! Pity that "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" will almost certainly win.

-- There was a big deal about how Family Guy submitted for Best Comedy this year because they were also given permission to submit for Best Animated Program, instead of the usual either/or. It did make the Comedy top ten, but it didn't get an Animated Program nomination. Hmm.

-- Only two nominations for "Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series". Just goes to show how few multi-cams are on TV these days. And Pushing Daisies got one for Single-Camera, which is a nice non-surprise.

-- One-Hour Cinematography: BSG's "Razor" (which was 90 minutes, but hey), Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men, and Rescue Me. I'd only argue with the last one, which isn't really all that visually interesting of a show.

-- Best Comedy: Maybe they're great. I dunno. But I'm kinda tired of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage getting nods. The other three series are unsurprising. Two and a Half Men for the mass-market vote, and you know I'm a huge fan of 30 Rock and The Office (to a much lesser extent.)

-- Comedy Directing: Barry Sonnenfeld for Pushing Daisies is funny because apparently ABC was a bit annoyed by him for that one, though I can't remember exactly why. Also, FOTC for "Sally Returns"! (Why did they submit that episode for so many categories? I'd put it in the bottom half of the season.)

-- I'm always amused when The Daily Show and The Colbert Report get episode nominations for "Episode #13945" or whatever, because how could you single out one in dozens?

-- Drama Series: Six nominees, but none of them are The Wire? I'm not even a huge fan of the show, but it's still frustrating. And despite all the complaints, Boston Legal and James Spader will ALWAYS get nominated. That's just the way the ATAS rolls.

-- While I usually get pissed off when one show dominates a category, I'm giggling that 30 Rock got four out of five Comedy Guest Actor nominations. GOB! (Though not so sure about Steve Buscemi, because he just did his Buscemi-thing in that episode.) They also got three out of six in the Actress category.

-- Aw, man! Phil Keoghan isn't on the list for Reality Host, yet Howie Mandel made the cut?

-- Comedy Actor: Yay for Lee Pace! The others aren't at all surprising, and I'm rooting for Alec Baldwin just out of habit. ;)

-- Drama Actor: Yay for Bryan Cranston! I couldn't quite get into the show, but he did a great job in the few eps I watched. Almost no complaints about this list (except repeat after me: Boston Legal and James Spader will always be nominated.)

-- In a year where the big story is all the basic-cable nods, I love how HBO scored all five for Miniseries/Movie Lead Actor. Then again, they're almost the only ones even doing those anymore.

-- Comedy Actress: Also no complaints here, though at least Spader didn't sneak in! I'm happy for Christina Applegate, because she was charming. And while I've heard that Housewives had a resurgence last season, this is the first time they really have cancelled each other out.

-- Drama Actress: Once again, it feels like the voters just went down the list and checked off all the movie stars. Mind you, I'm not really complaining. Field, Close, and Sedgwick are great, and Hunter was pretty good if irritating (though that might be on purpose.) Hargitay bugs me because the acting was almost cringeworthy in her submitted episode, and the rest of the season was just her usual thing. But it's all frustrating because, as more big-name movie actresses move into television, I almost wish they didn't have that name-recognition advantage over the lesser-known traditional TV actresses.

-- Main Title Design: Chuck! I love its credits. Mad Men is quite eye-catching and deserves a win, but I still prefer Chuck.

-- Hey, pirateygoodness! Pirate Master got a nomination for Theme Song!

-- Music Composition: None for Bear McCreary, which stings, but Little People, Big World sneaks in there out of nowhere. Huh.

-- Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program: This year, Colbert can lose to either Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Don Rickles, or Tina Fey. My money's on Rickles. ;)

-- Reality-Competition Program: American Idol, DWTS, Project Runway, Amazing Race, or Top Chef. Hmm. I wonder if TAR will win again, given that this wasn't one of its strongest seasons. It does have a cachet, but Runway's getting stronger buzz.

-- Comedy Supporting Actor and Actress: Yay, Neil Patrick Harris! Yay, Amy Poehler! Also interesting because this is the first time a SNL performer has been eligible. Plus, it means that GOB and Wife of GOB have an excuse to show up at the ceremony!

-- Comedy Writing: Two for 30 Rock, and FOTC's "Yoko" snuck in there.

-- Drama Writing: Michael Angeli. heheheheheheheeheheheheee! (For those not in BSG fandom... he is, uh, NOT popular with the fans. :)

-- Miniseries Writing: Danny Strong! Jonathan got an Emmy nomination!

Whew. That's the whole darn list. Now I have to brave the ridiculously long lines at the Comcast office and return that godawful old DVR. Wish me luck.
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