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EW thinks we're stupid.

Just got the new Entertainment Weekly, which has been redesigned. I'm all for change, and the new version's mostly fine, albeit a bit too style-over-substance. But one thing is pissing me off. The reviews and news stories now have bold-print sound bytes -- a sentence or two as a pull quote from the review. The editors apparently feel like their readers don't bother, y'know, reading and need them to tell us the important stuff through handy-dandy bold type. Oh, come on. I've been a subscriber since 1992 and always read cover-to-cover, but I'd rather them not underestimate their readers' intelligence.

Though I'm not into sports or the Olympics, I've been watching the Trials out of boredom -- and WOW. Swimming looks absolutely gorgeous in hi-def. Thank you, Mr. Tax Refund, for my fancy TV! I'm quite amused when the male swimmers unzip their unitards down to their waist, showing just how far down they shave. ;) Too bad that the official U.S. athlete uniforms are so dreadful. Love the huge Ralph Lauren Polo emblem, though I suppose that's appropriate since the guys look like they're about to hit the country club with a horse and mallet. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I got a kick out of the Canadian uniforms. A bit too irreverent for the Olympics, in my opinion, but I gotta love how they look like they're going to strip down and play beach volleyball on skateboards. ;)

While watching the trials, I saw a dreadful "The More You Know" PSA, featuring Ali Larter of Heroes. It's about domestic violence, which is a very worthy cause, but she stands in front of a mirror (like Niki) then turns around and says, "Heroes don't look the other way." Eye-rollingly bad.

Knitting friends: I finally decided to be more ambitious, so I'm making this sweater. While it's sized according to my measurements, I want to make a few adjustments to compensate for my boobs and belly. If y'all have any experience with that, especially short-row shaping, I'd love some advice!

Some links while I'm here:
-- MediaBlvd interviews Natalie Morales from The Middleman. (Please watch it!)
-- Consumerist offers 15 easy ways to save money at the supermarket. #3 is a good idea.
-- wickedgillie linked me to this webcam of the sunrise over Stockholm.
-- Here's a really cool post about the visual effects in the last scene of the BSG season finale. (Apoca-Beach! I've been there!)
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