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Chicken salad and other minutiae.

Lost looks absolutely *stunning* in high-definition. So beautiful that I'm starting to suspect it's all a plot by ABC to get us to buy HDTVs. Also, I've now had the Comcast DVR for a month. I figured that would be enough time for me to get used to it. Instead, I'm counting down the days until I can buy the hi-def TiVo. Looks like that won't be until June, alas.

I went to the doctor today and learned that my stomach problems this week are due to... food poisoning. Gee, it seemed like such a great idea to buy that chicken salad sandwich at DFW on Monday night, because my flight wouldn't get to ATL until nearly midnight, and none of my usual takeout places would be open that late. Sandwich when I land! Perfect! Er, except for the fact that I lost track of all common sense and forgot that letting a chicken salad sandwich sit in your luggage for three hours is not a good idea. Oops.

In happier news... I got the cutest shoes at Target last weekend. They're basic brown flats with a 2" elastic strap, and they're very comfortable. Cute shoes always improve my mood, especially at only $15.

I'm about halfway through the first sock with the Wisterious yarn.

I love the pattern. Not as difficult as it appears, but the scallops make it quite fancy. The Smooshy yarn is a dream, too, even if it's more pink than I'd expected! I still have no idea when/where I'll wear pink socks, but hey. Wisterious!

Two weeks until the BSG season premiere -- and until spring break! Excellent.
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