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Katee on the Daily 10.

asta77 posted a heads-up that Katee appeared tonight on E!'s "Daily 10". Very cute interview in which she talked a bit about BW, and then learned how to surf. In a wetsuit. Hee! You can download the .avi at Sendspace, or check out the streaming version:

Also, Katee showed up again on tonight's Cort & Fatboy radio show. It's 22 minutes long, and you can download the .mp3 here. The first half is mostly just silly chatter about various things including BW, salmon, Buffy, and her trailer (I think she says hello to Kandyse at one point. ;) She seems to think SciFi will go with the split season. If you want to avoid anything even remotely spoilery, stop listening at around 15:00. At that point, she drops a few semi-spoilery hints.

-- Kara does have a pivotal role near the end of "Razor", and it has something to with the Cylons. (This is probably related to Ausiello's spoiler yesterday; I won't summarize it here, but check out the spoilers thread on TWOP for more on that.)

-- She has heard a rumor of who the last Cylon might be, but she suspects "it's just a big huge lie, because if this person really is the Fifth, then it's a really bad move, in my opinion." (paraphrasing)

-- "There are definitely moments where Adama tries to kick my ass."

-- Right now they're shooting episode 11.

And that's all!
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