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"Thank the gods I never had kids."

From Slate's review of Into the Wild: "I guess it's a sign of middle age when you identify with the tottering oldster or the bereaved parent as much as the Thoreau-reading, angry young man."

Oh, I get that. I really, really get that. I'm starting to feel more and more like one of the Grown-Ups. Only in my early-30s, but the generational gap is getting more obvious. Last month I rented Disturbia, and I spent much of the movie rolling my eyes at Shia's emo kid angst and wishing he'd be more respectful toward his mother. ;) Fifteen years ago, I would've understood it much better. Now I definitely identify with the parents and other authority figures. Feels strange, but I suppose it's a good thing. At least, I hope so!

I'm a bit melancholy tonight, though not really in a bad way. Reflective, I guess. I've been watching the Office S3 DVDs, and I find them more sad than hilarious. Then again, that's part of the show's intent, right? (And it's reminding me of how Jim had begun to get on my nerves.) I'm also cooking and trying to sort out a fic that suddenly refuses to cooperate. Oh, and adding to the angst is the discovery that I need to get my car's brakes replaced tomorrow. Hopefully I can take it to the nearby place then walk back home (it's a hike, but do-able) instead of sitting in that waiting room all day. Ugh. Such an exciting life I lead!
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