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LiveJournal, where updating is a pleasure.

Not much to report tonight, so here are some links. I got a bit verbose this time!

-- In Potter news, Salon has an interesting interview with Michael Goldenberg, the screenwriter for Order of the Phoenix. And Sepinwall wonders "how long the media is going to be willing and/or able to keep a lid on the ending [of Deathly Hallows] -- specifically, the matter of who lives and who dies." And in even MORE Harry-news, the NY Times is chagrined to learn that the HP books don't have a significant effect on childrens' lifelong reading habits. As a reading teacher, I'm a bit disheartened but not surprised.

-- More links from the Times, which always has great reading material. The world's best candy bars? English, of course. I used to hit the Indian supermarkets here in Atlanta to stock up on Aero bars. Mmm. Their prices were so much better than the posh boutique-y English grocery. And for those of you who haven't already seen this one: It's cool to be a librarian! Well, duh. My brother-in-law once joked that my mother failed by raising two do-gooder daughters who chose to become a librarian and a public school teacher... and will never, ever have any money. ;)

-- Mo Ryan sings the praises of Psych, which returns to USA on Friday at 10pm. I never thought I'd like this show, but it's just so darn much FUN. I like the comment about Gus and Shawn as "heterosexual life partners". I agree that James Roday mugs for the camera a bit too often, but the show's still quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

-- Slate asks why do schoolchildren get a three-month summer vacation? First of all, two and a half months! (Nitpicky, yeah. ;) The history here is interesting, and I'd also prefer a modified year-round schedule with a similar amount of vacation days but spaced more evenly throughout the year. I doubt that'll ever happen on a large scale, though; here in Georgia, the parents are the ones who complain most vociferously in favor of that long summer vacation.

-- Details has a fun video Q&A with former child stars. You can see what various '80s TV teens are doing now. On that page, I saw a link for their quiz, "Ahh Face or O-Face: Who's popping Pringles, and who's popping a partner?" I'm not sure whether that's obnoxious or kinda amusing.

-- For all my Conchords-loving friends: I made a few more icons, including several of "BOOM!", and a hiphopopotamus for dionusia. Take 'em if you'd like, and keyword credit would be lovely. Thanks!

-- And finally... I've waxed rhapsodic before of my love for the commercials for Publix, a grocery chain in the Southeast (and please, no silly "pube-lix" jokes. Ugh.) Their ad company is amazing: they create these adorable and heartwarming commercials that manage to never cross the line into cloying sentimentality. The Valentine's Day commercial is my all-time favorite, and I just saw a new one! A little boy chooses an apple for a special person in his life. Watch 'em. Trust me. They'll make you feel all warm and glowy. :)
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