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Here we go again!

Possible celebrity(ish) wank alert! Matt Zoller Seitz interviews Peter Tolan of Rescue Me for... TWOP. (Note: BIG SPOILERS for last night's episode.)

I haven't even read the article yet, but just seeing the link on several other sites made me do a double-take and then howl with laughter. Yes, I was on the TWOP boards last summer when everyone was pissed off about the Tommy/Janet thing, then Tolan (the co-producer with Denis Leary) actually showed up on the boards himself, started arguing with various posters, threw a hissy fit, and flounced off while practically shouting, "You fans SUCK!" Then both he and Denis spent the next few weeks bitching to reporters about how none of the fans "get it". Here's a recap of the wank. Good times.

And now he's being interviewed on the site? HA! Aw, man, that's priceless.

Gets weirder, though. TWOP occasionally does celeb interviews, but this is a straightforward article with many quotes from Tolan and one of the actors. (Again, spoiler alert.) In particular, the actor is Not Happy At All. But the whole thing's bizarre because it's so unlike the usual non-recap stuff you see on the site. Plus, the article was written by Matt Zoller Seitz. Huh? I've adored Matt Zoller Seitz' writing for fifteen years. Seriously! He used to write for the Dallas free weekly paper, and I remember devouring his Pulitzer-shortlisted movie reviews when I was a senior in high school. He's been a co-columnist with the awesome Sepinwall for the NJ Star-Ledger for the past few years, and now he's writing for the NY Times. Yay! (Yes, I apparently fangirl semi-obscure TV/movie critics.) So, what the hell is he doing writing something like this, and for that site in particular? Not to disparage anyone involved, but as the saying goes: "Does not compute."

I'm still watching Rescue Me, but my opinion has shifted over toward the "Ooooookay" end of the spectrum. And yes, this is mostly because we've hardly seen anything of my beloved stupid-but-so-damn-hot Sean Garrity this season. Not to mention the near-absence of Dean Winters. *sigh* Yes, I'm shallow. I admit it. I'm almost afraid to read the new interview, but the whole thing is so deliciously "Bzuh?" Plus, I've heard that the actor being interviewed is NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Scandal! Gossip! And there's already a huge uproar on the show's thread in the forums. This should be fuuuuuuuuun. Ah, Denis and Peter, you know just how to bring the great summertime wank. Thanks!
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