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So, tonight was the season premiere of Rescue Me. Seriously. I would pay someone to do an in-depth analysis of why I love this show, because damned if I can figure it out. It's the polar opposite of everything I usually love in a series. I know I keep harping about that, but it is truly a mystery for the ages. I haven't rewatched any eps since S3 (*cringe*) ended, but I found myself quite giddy when tonight's episode began.

-- Sean, what the hell did you do to your hair?!? At least it got better as the episode progressed. Sean Garrity is my boytoy: stupid, befuddled (hee!), and kind of a jackass at times, but oh so CUTE. And hot. I'm not yet sure I can handle him with that weird hair. At least the marriage thing isn't working out very well, though it does make for some funny moments. Loved watching him squirm at the porn, but then weren't he and the other guys totally into porn before? Guess watching it with one's wife would be a bit uncomfortable.

-- As usual, the scenes without Tommy were much better. I don't hate him like most people do. I just think the show's strange poignancy and laugh-out-loud humor work well when he's not around. And I'm tired of how every single woman is desperate for him. Yeah, right. Try another one, Denis.

-- Am intrigued by that bit with Sheila at the end, and not the least bit surprised that she's basically letting him take the fall for the arson, in her usual fucked-up way. Sheila's a character that I feel like I should loathe, but I can't help liking anyway.

-- The scene with Peter calling Chief about the commitment ceremony was marvelous, especially the "kiss the bride" joke. Chief's come a long way since the awful homophobia in S1. He's still not all the way there, but he's making a genuine effort.

-- Loved Franco working the "I almost died today" to get some nookie. Natalie's good for him, and he's also making an effort with her weird (but weirdly amusing) brother.

-- Looks like they haven't broken themselves of the end-credits-music-montage habit, but at least this one wasn't too bad.

-- And finally... I miss Dean Winters. Please let him be a ghost this season! Pretty please!

Cooking continues to be hit-or-miss. I made upside-down pizza casserole, which is basically just very thick spaghetti sauce covered with cheese and refrigerated crescent rolls dough. I like it because it has tons of vegetables and Italian sausage, and one 13x9 batch is enough for four meals (it reheats well.) Since I had the ingredients on hand, I also decided to try No-Bake Chocolate Oat Bars. NOT a success. The chocolate chips and peanut butter didn't melt well, and the oat mix was too crumbly. At least I'm cooking instead of constant take-out, though I've also discovered that cooking doesn't necessarily save me tons of money!

I finally got birthday presents from my family, only a month late (thanks to shipping mishaps)! Sis got me some Silicone Zone stuff from my Amazon wishlist; I've been wanting to try it out. I used the mini-muffin pan to make cranberry-orange muffins -- I quite like the Krusteaz mix. Sis told me she used to make tons of muffins, freeze them, then nuke them in the morning for on-the-road breakfast. I'll have to remember that when I'm back at work! She also got me the grid potholder and oven mitts (both in orange, yay!). They're heavier than expected, but still kinda neat. And my parents got me a pair of Børn sandals. I *love* their shoes. A bit more expensive than I'll spend on my own, which makes them a perfect birthday present. ;)

Speaking of family stuff... my sister has a request for y'all! She's unimpressed by most of the cheap bodysuits for baby boys, so she's going to buy a bunch of plain white onesies and dye them with Rit, then print out cool pictures/drawings with iron-on inkjet paper. The first one is going to feature the Flying Spaghetti Monster. ;) She wanted me to ask my LJ friends for suggestions of fun geeky and/or sci-fi designs that would be cute on a baby shirt. Thanks in advance!

What else? Hmm. I finally renewed my library card (after paying a hefty late fine), and checked out some books. Pity that the county's system sucks. I'm jealous of those of you with fabulous libraries and librarians, including my aforementioned sister! I also finished watching the DVDs of Kidnapped, which I highly recommend. I can see why it failed as a weekly series, but the pacing and mystery make it marvelous for marathoning, i.e. 24. If you're looking for something to keep you busy during rerun season, you should grab it from Netflix. Now I'm watching S1 of Sleeper Cell, which is mostly just background noise but is more interesting than I'd expected.

Not much else happening on this end, so I'll sign off and watch some more TV. :)
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