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The Sopranos

I watched the first two seasons of The Sopranos, then I lost interest. Never been into Mafia drama, nor do I like testosterone-heavy shows.* But the hype has been deafening, so I figured I might as well use my HBO subscription for once and watch the series finale. Take my opinions with a grain of salt, since I have no idea what's been going on for the past five seasons.

That was IT?

People talked a lot. There was a funeral. Tony's two kids chose careers. Some guy got shot at a gas station, and an SUV ran over his head (ah, black humor. I laughed.) Nobody liked the cat. Someone's going to testify, and Tony might get indicted for gun possession. Blah, blah.

And then it ended.

The actual ending was more anticlimactic than that sentence.

Tons of foreboding in the last scene. Some guy went to the bathroom, and we just knew he'd come out and shoot up the diner. I was certain either Meadow or AJ's car would blow up. A huge earthshaking announcement. Whatever. But none of that happened. Meadow starts walking into the restaurant, and then the screen goes black. Total silence. About 10 seconds later, the credits roll in silence.
That's IT.

I kinda LOVE IT.

Arguably (though I disagree) the greatest American television show of all time. Years and years of hype for the overall show and especially the series finale. Even the critics didn't get advance copies. I only tuned in because I knew it would be a Big Cultural Event, so I figured I was bored and might like to know what others were talking about. And it just ENDS. It's as if David Chase stared at his script, shrugged, muttered, "Bored now," and walked away.

That's beautiful, man.

Apologies to those of you who love the show and were expecting more. I can certainly understand if you're upset! As an outsider, I'm just wildly amused by the meta of the whole damn thing. ;)

* Though this doesn't explain why I fucking LOVE Rescue Me. Still have no idea why, since it is the polar opposite of everything I love in a show. It might just be because I want my very own Sean Garrity-Gavin. S4 starts Wednesday! Yay!
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