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S4 party pics.

ETA: Woo hoo! dryope just posted the hi-res versions, which are much better than my endless picspam below. Still, I'm going to keep it up here for the hell of it. :)

Getty Images finally has pics available from tonight's BSG season four party (and after-party pics here.) WireImage does too, but they're taking forever to load; I'll update this with those pics if I can ever get the damn things to display. And until someone posts the non-watermarked hires versions, here's a non-dialup-friendly picspam.

Overall, the sartorial choices get a thumbs-up from me. Thank you, Jamie, for dressing like a normal person! I'm very proud. Anyone know why Samaire Armstrong showed up? (She's in that last pic above.) So far, I've only seen a handful of write-ups, and fortunately for my spoiler-free friends, they didn't seem to give away much. I did get a kick out of this account from the SciFi boards.

Lucy mercilessly teased Jamie about the infamous towel scene and asked if he used a rubber band to, erm, hold things in place. She hinted pretty strongly that the towel had QUITE a job to do. Later on Jamie responded to a question about what his dream role would be in the future, if he could pick anything. He responded "oh **** it, Hamlet!" When Katee wavered a little bit on her answer, he mocked her and said "hey, I put my balls on the table!" Lucy: "And they were fantastic."

And while I was checking the galleries, I discovered further proof that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are impossibly pretty. That amount of sheer gorgeousness must be illegal. How do they not just spend every waking moment staring at themselves in the mirror? Oh, wait. Four kids. That could explain it.

From last night's Oceans Thirteen premiere:

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