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Elmore-Pisgah continues to impress me. I finally opened the box from Friday and discovered they'd sent me the wrong type of yarn, which meant that I can't finish the project. I double-checked the invoice to make sure I'd ordered the correct kind. Late last night I sent them a friendly e-mail asking how I could exchange it. A woman replied first thing this morning with an effusive apology and a promise to ship the replacement yarn immediately at no extra cost, and that I could keep the yarn I already have. Yay! Makes me feel good about supporting a small 80-year-old family company in the NC Appalachian foothills. I'm going to see if I can find a use for all that extra Peaches & Creme. If not, I'll see if any of y'all want it. :)

In other freebie adventures... I got free pizza tonight. For whatever reason, Papa John's sent me a postcard apologizing for my recent "unsatisfactory experience", with a coupon for a free large 2-topping. Don't remember having any problems with them, but hey. I'll take it!

Tonight's 24? God, that show is ridiculous, but tonight made up for most of this season. Oh, how I've missed President Crazy and First Lady Percocet. I did a happy dance when Jean Smart showed up. She was amazing last season -- if they'd both been nominated for Emmys, I might've even rooted for her over Katee Sackhoff, if that tells you something. I was beyond thrilled to see her with Aaron Pierce. They're just so darn cute! But when Logan came for a little visit? Well, it surpassed my wildest dreams.

Who else yelled "Oh, no! Don't let her near the knives!" when she was cutting the kiwi? I damn near fell over laughing when she threw the kiwi at Logan. But then... SHE STABBED HIM! EEK! And then she chatted with the Russian First Lady like they were sharing gossip over tea and petit-fours!

Jean Smart is amazing, and Martha Logan just might replace Chloe O'Brien as my Role Model for Life.

Pop Candy has an intriguing post speculating which current bands might make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 25 years... assuming many of them are even still around.

EW's blog has a hilarious review of a recent Rascal Flatts concert. I've never heard their songs, but this had me laughing aloud.

And Slate has a contest in which you can submit euphemisms for workplace incompetence.

I'm off to start making plans for a celebration of my nephew's impending birth! That is, if the stubborn kid ever decides to appear. :)
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