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The Golden... somethings.

Regarding tonight's 24...

Last season, musing_mia and I had weekly AIM snark sessions, mocking the melodrama and whacked-out storylines. After every episode, we'd say, "Curtis: Not dead yet!"

I guess tonight qualifies as "yet". ;)

See, we *love* Curtis. He and Kiefer Jack are the perfect buddycops team. But given how many times he was thisclose to dying, we were shocked that he'd managed to survive another hour. As his thread title on TWOP says, "Curtis Manning: Living on Borrowed Time." So, we're gonna miss you, Curtis. You were awesome (even if your vendetta at the end was kinda stupid.)

Also: they nuked Los Angeles! WOO HOO! For the first time, I'm glad that the producers of 24 don't think the rest of the country exists, except as collateral damage to be shown in those little news blips. If it keeps us from getting nuked, I'm more than happy to live with "Atlanta train explosion", or my personal favorite from Day 2, race riots in the "Muslim-American immigrant community of Marietta, GA." (If you've been there, you know how hilarious that is.)

daera23 and I were speculating on AIM about the rest of the season. She wants to know what Chloe's big shocking moment will be -- neither of us knows any spoilers -- and suggested that maybe Chloe's pregnant. Oh, god. HORROR! Look, I love Chloe and all her bitchiness and kickass hacker skillz and her complete inability to relate to people on an appropriate level. She is my role model for life. But she should never EVER spawn. Forget the nukes -- that just might cause the true apocalypse.

Good things:
-- Shit got blowed up!
-- Chloe's imploring her beaux to stop fighting over her. HI-larious.
-- Karen/Bill OTP!
-- Kim Bauer's name was only mentioned once!

WTF things:
-- The President of the United States is named "Wayne". Hee!
-- I adore Kal Penn; however, he is a 29-year-old Indian-American. He is NOT Arab. He is NOT a high-school student. Sheesh.
-- Jack. Bauer. CRIED. Like a little baby. Dude, that's just wrong.
-- Kim Bauer's name was mentioned one too many times.

I know no spoilers for the rest of the season, so please don't share any here. Thanks!

I ended up flipping back and forth between 24 and the Globes, which meant I missed way too much. Still, I do have a few thoughts:

-- ALEC BALDWIN WON! Not only that, but according to Tim Allen, he won for "Third Rock". What a fucking moron. Still, Alec Baldwin won! I was terribly amused to realize that three of the other nominees were from the Thursday night NBC comedy lineup... and I would've been quite happy with any of them winning. I do wish it'd been Steve Carell, just because his speech would've been kickass, especially if Nancy Walls "wrote" it again. (Nancy/Steve is my celebrity OTP, with Felicity/Bill a close runner-up.)

-- Ugly Betty also won the award for Most Adorable Cast of All Time. I loved how Silvio Horta (who is rather hot) could barely get a word in, as his cast was busy freaking out behind him. Best part: the audible "SQUEE!" from them when Vanessa Williams walked out. They were just SO CUTE, and I love how genuinely shocked they were to win. Though I also love The Office, I'm very glad Ugly Betty won. It's delightful.

-- Sacha Baron Cohen is on now. This speech? WOW. I have no words. Thirty bucks says the FCC receives several complaints tomorrow.

-- Just when I'm able to watch House without thinking of the Prince Regent, Hugh Laurie wins an award and gives a speech that reminds me of how fucking HILARIOUS he is.

-- Meryl Streep's speech went on a bit too long, but I don't care. She is magnificent. Bonus points for her indie movie plug at the end.

-- I am deeply chagrined that I missed Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera's wins. They're darling, and I'll bet their speeches were great. Here's hoping YouTube or nbc.com has them soon.

-- Helen Mirren won twice tonight. All is well with the world.

That's all I have so far, since I didn't see most of the show. Will update later with any other comments, though I doubt I'll have much since I don't really care about the movies.

I did spend way too much time at GettyImages, culling photos for a very special Red Carpet Picspam. Not dial-up friendly, natch.

Ali Larter: Quite annoying on Heroes. Quite gorgeous here.

America Ferrera: The opposite of "ugly", indeed. I kinda want to be her.

B.J. Novak: Oh, dear. He's a good-looking guy, but this photo is just TRAGIC.

Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz: Now taking fashion advice from Scarlett O'Hara.

Beyonce Knowles: You have a killer body. Why did you choose a dress that showed your tummy roll?

Vanessa Williams: You were once Miss America. Even without those unfortunate nude photos, they would've dethroned you for this hair. I love you dearly. You are the most gorgeous person on Ugly Betty, a show specifically about gorgeous people. Next time, please show up at the awards looking like Wilhemina Slater. Thanks!

Sarah Paulson: This photo can be found in the dictionary next to "Bitchface" (and you're usually quite lovely.)

Nancy Walls and Steve Carell: Celebrity OTP!

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman: Celebrity OTP Runners-Up!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Yes, she's annoying, but they're quite attractive here.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Ditto. They're inhumanly beautiful.

Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet: I can't decide which of you I love more.

Shonda Rhimes: I have no idea whether this fashion choice is elegant or like something sewn from Grandma's bedroom curtains.

Yunjin Kim: She is so damn beautiful, but I wish she'd chosen a dress that didn't look like half the stuff on the red carpet over the past five years.

Sienna Miller: Holy shit. Did Heidi have a bad Mystic Tan accident?

Ivana Banquero: I'm thrilled to see the 12-year-old star of Pan's Labyrinth in something that's both pretty and age-appropriate.

Ellen Pompeo: Look, I'll buy your protests that you're naturally skinny. I'm not one to judge. But it's probably not a good idea to wear something that makes your waistline look like a toothpick.

Jennifer Hudson: See? A woman who knows how to work those curves!

Ana Ortiz: I'm a little bit in love with this dress... which means it'll be all over Go Fug Yourself tomorrow.

Helen Mirren: Can I be you when I grow up? The one drawback: the teal dress makes your (lovely) silver hair look vaguely blue.

Hugh Laurie vs. Josh Holloway: Battle of the Bearded Studs!

Oh, and Evangeline Lilly looked GORGEOUS and had on one of my favorite dresses, but I'm too lazy to go find a photo on GettyImages.

Must stop now before this gets any longer, huh? ;)
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