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Today I'm making up for yesterday's one-liner post. Lists are fun! Everyone should make 'em.

Three LJ friends who deserve a huge thank-you:
  1. daera23 -- I got the books! The Marie Antoinette one is great, of course, and I'm thrilled by the books you sent my students! Yay!

  2. syliasyliasylia -- Ooh, more Spanish-language teen magazines for my students! The notebooks are also cool; I'll have to take one with me to Starbucks for fic-writing this afternoon. I love getting parcels from Madrid. :)

  3. The anonymous person who bought me an extra six months of userpics -- thank you, Anon Friend!

Five strange phobias and/or things that kinda squick me:
  1. Falling down stairs

  2. Losing friends or feeling excluded from a group :(

  3. Cream cheese in any way, shape, or form

  4. The texture of unfinished wood

  5. My hands being wet

Eleven Firefox tabs I have open right now:
  1. My Yahoo

  2. LJ friends list

  3. LJ recent comments page -- these three are my "home" tabs

  4. The BSG forum on TWOP

  5. Maureen Ryan's TV blog

  6. Berroco free knitting pattern: Pie -- for a sweater I'm making my future nephew :)

  7. Wikipedia's page on boxing -- for a fic that indigo419 and I are writing.

  8. EW's TV Watch on last night's Gilmore Girls -- more pleasant than actually watching the show these days.

  9. BSG fic: Chronicled -- leda13's new Kara gen fic, which everyone should read!

  10. Gold Derby's Oscars blog -- interesting spec on whether the Academy's subtle racism will impact Dreamgirls' chances at the awards.

  11. Are green magazine covers really "death on newsstands"? -- strangely fascinating stuff.

Five foods for which I have an irrational dislike, and one I crave:
  1. cream cheese -- YUCK! It is an abomination.

  2. sour cream -- the sour, not the cream.

  3. jalapeno peppers -- because I am a wuss.

  4. squash -- onomatopoeic food.

  5. un-processed tomatoes -- I love 'em when they're sauced, but regular tomatoes squick me out.

  6. And I miss bananas SO MUCH, but I'm allergic to them. Alas.

ETA: My sister -- who reads my LJ -- just called to tell me I forgot to add peas and guacamole to the above list. All righty. Consider it added, Marken!

Seven places I've never visited but want to see someday:
  1. Australia and New Zealand -- the cities, not the wildlife.

  2. The South Pacific

  3. Hong Kong

  4. Mexico City

  5. Germany -- a week in Berlin to see the places I missed the first time.

  6. A supermarket in a strange city -- I'm fascinated by foreign grocery stores.

Eight types of body wash currently in my shower -- I loooove variety:
  1. ULTA -- Taffy Apple and Fresh Gingerbread

  2. Bath and Body Works -- Cinnamon Bun Heaven and Pumpkin Pie Paradise (see a theme?)

  3. Philosophy -- EmpowerMint (an old gift from the_royal_anna :)

  4. Booth -- Breathe Easy

  5. Jason -- Lavender Satin Shower

  6. Body Shop -- Neroli Jasmin shower gel

Four popular TV shows I can't seem to get into, despite my best efforts:
  1. Supernatural -- So much to like, but I just don't care.

  2. Grey's Anatomy -- People claim it's one of the best shows on TV, but all I see is a good-but-not-great Melrose Hospital.

  3. Farscape -- Despite my BSG love, I've never liked sci-fi. I tried watching twenty-odd eps, but I couldn't get into it, despite the obvious excellence.

  4. Torchwood -- I *want* to love it. I adore the heck out of Jack. But something's missing, and I find myself cringing too much when I watch.

Five BSG vids I wish someone would make -- and hey, if anyone wants to vid these, please do!
  1. "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz -- I know I've said it before, but this song is just SO fucking perfect for Six/Baltar. I can see every single scene in my head, and if I were a vidder, I would've done this one months ago.

  2. "Ciao" by Lush -- hilarious Kara/Lee breakup snark.

  3. "Out of Time" by Blur -- a gorgeous, atmospheric S1 vid with a wistful cast wondering "what if?"

  4. "Mobilize" by Grant-Lee Phillips -- the military, the moral complications, and why they fight.

  5. "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold -- four minutes of violence and smirking and everyone kicking ass.

Seven BSG fics I will write one of these days:
  1. Kacey is actually Kara and Leoben's child. Everyone freaks out when she brings this half-Cylon kid back to Galactica.

  2. A pre-series AU in which Kara never met Zak (assuming I could bring something new to that genre, given all the other great fics that have already been written.)

  3. Racetrack/Tyrol, the bizarre-but-fun pairing I came up with way back in "Imperative". The randomness is what makes it fun!

  4. Lee/Dualla in which she's sympathetic and awesome, and they genuinely love each other.

  5. Laura as a schoolteacher on New Caprica. Hey, we teachers have to stick together.

  6. Femslash! This is such a femslashy show, but I can never come up with any ideas.

  7. A shameless, epic-length PWP with tons of Pilot!Sex. Because, well, yeah.
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