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"Collaborators": A Review in Screencaps.

1. My BTVS fic is back online. Long story short: alanna.net's registration expired, and I screwed up on the renewal. Now my name-domain is gone forever. Alas. Last night Petzi nudged me to get my act together, so I've transferred everything over to cappiness.net. Most of the links should work, but tomorrow I'll go through and fix the broken ones.

2. Sylia linked to Michael Jackson's "Thriller": Bollywood style. Funniest thing I've seen all day.

3. Speaking of YouTube: I got an e-mail yesterday that a Daily Show clip I'd uploaded was being removed for copyright violations. I don't really care, since it *was* a violation. ;) But I thought I'd give y'all a heads-up so that you can rewatch your favorite videos there in case they're also taken offline.

4. CalendarLive has an awesome interview with my beloved John Hodgman. (If you don't know the name, he plays the PC in the Mac ads.)

5. Would the US be better off with only one time zone? Nah, I like the current setup. When I first moved to Atlanta, it took me years to adjust to prime time starting at 8pm, after having spent my first 25 years in Texas. Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

6. Oscars create new Truman Capote biopic category. For a moment, I believed it.

7. Salon interviews Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket. I'm going to miss that series. *sniff*

8. Fighting for ratings dominance at the same time: An interesting NY Times article on how this TV season is the most competitive in recent history.

9. This week I decided to just do my own screencaps for 3.04 (or whatever the hell we're calling it now.) Hard ep to cap, though, because the encode wasn't very good, and the ep was so damn dark in more ways than one. But if you want 'em, here's a zip file! Which brings me to...

Battlestar Galactica 3.04 - "Collaborators"
Supreme Court of the Damned

Wow, this one was really depressing! Let's look on the bright side....
Tyrol + Baby = omgsocute! Lee + Jumprope = OTP!
Katee's extensions looked fabulous. And Alessandro was rockin' those curls.
Look who's awfully chipper now that she's back in Colonial One. Even Baltar wants some hot Presidential snogging. Can you blame him?
Don't think of it as "crowded". Think of it as a wacky Galactica slumber party! And somebody has been hittin' the gym during the hiatus.

Did anyone else notice all the eating and drinking this week? Guess the big rescue was a good excuse to chow down.

"Yes, I'll have a side of Awkward with my pot roast."

This episode was also invaluable for alerting me to
The Many Moods of Galen Tyrol.

And in other news....
It kinda looks like the intubation from hell. Saul Motherfrakker Tigh, indeed.
Okay, is he wearing eyeliner? Anyone else notice how he was always super-lit, as if to make him look crazier?
Random Chick pulls out the notebook of Lee/Her fic she'd written on New Caprica. Listening to dreadful MarySue smutfic is the least of Cally and Baby's worries.
While on the colony, they still managed to knit fashionable sweaters. Well, *I* kinda like her when she's angry.
Taking away his glasses? Now, that's just mean. Am saving this for "predatory" in the Baltar moodtheme I'll never make.
So, there's a Z.Gallerie in space? And, apparently, a Walgreen's.
Aww, they got themselves another Resurrection Ship! Sam wakes up and wipes the angstcakes out of his eyes.
"Uh, the last guy who kissed me was a psycho-obsessive Cylon. Raincheck?" After what happened to Ellen, I'd be a bit wary of beverages.
File this under "Things Destined to Bite Your Ass". Helo's just so delightfully chipper here!
Tigh's accent gets so out of control that he sounds like an extra from Torchwood. If you were Gaeta, you'd probably be wanting some Depends at this moment.
I fear for my Adama/Tigh OTP. :( And now for the Study Hall of Doom.
Yeah, death sentences can be kind of exhausting. Take a nap, sweetie.The airlock can wait.
I'm amused by how Sam asks for a cigarette that he doesn't actually smoke. I'd love to see what the folks at Ugly Betty could do with those 8x10 glossies.
Oh, Trucco. I loooooove you. C'mon, seduction would never work on him!
"I see here that you've spent the past week writing K/L fic." "Yup, and check out the scene with Kara, a jumprope, and gratuitous nudity."
"Uh, son...?" "Oops, I forgot about the wedding ring."
Galactica: the most evil and cliquish high school lunchroom in the universe. "I should've busted in and rescued you from Leoben? WTF evah, beyotch!"
Baltar realizes that quoting sappy love songs ain't gonna work this time. Cylon heartbreak is a bad, bad thing. Poor Six. Aww.
Seriously, do they recycle all those clipped corners? It's not a Christian society, but they have the surname "Emmanual". Huh.
"It's not you, it's me. Really. I could write a novel about it." No, Sam! Don't go! Who knew back in "The Farm" how much you rawked?
Let the bondage games begin! This scene's too depressing for snarkage. Movin' right along....
Aww, she looks so happy! The mic placement draws attention to the most important things in life.
Most cheerful inauguration ever. They're clapping too fast. Hmph.
And finally... The Pretty.

That's all, folks! Tune in next week, when Roslin goes a bit wild on the new Presidential swivel chair and has to be sedated; Lee becomes the most bitchin' jumprope champion evah; Tyrol realizes that Botox is inhibiting his ability to emote; Kara spontaneously combusts from all the emo; Tigh begins his Torchwood guest role as Jack's new motherfrakking henchman; Adama finds something - anything - to smile about; Helo and Sharon stage a dance recital to remind everyone they exist; and Sam comes back because I begged him hard enough.

(Hey, a girl can hope.)

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