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"Ah! Waffle! Woo hoo!"

1. At this point, I think I'm mostly watching Heroes for the, er, Hiro. And maybe Woobie!Weiss. Which are certainly two good reasons to watch, no?

2. Forget the fatsuit costume: Jamie Bamber is a pretty, pretty man. (Thanks, indi!)

3. Was looking through my YouTube favorites list and found something I linked months ago: Battlestar Office-ica: an Office fanvid to the BSG theme song. SO FUNNY.

4. The NY Times has a fascinating article on North Korea's digital blackout. That photo is a perfect way of using illustrations to make a point. (link via blue_larkspur!)

5. Scientists have created an invisibility cloak! Can I have one for some of my more "challenging" students?

6. A bit of confusion yesterday regarding the new Trader Joe's in Atlanta. I couldn't figure out why they'd open their first store in Roswell, of all places. Then I was driving through Sandy Springs and saw one going in on Roswell Road. Laughing at the apparent typo, I discovered via Google that they do, in fact, have two different stores IN Roswell and ON Roswell Road. From what I could tell, it looks like the (much closer to me) one will be opening in a month or so. Yay! (Psst... TJ's? My little gentrifying suburb has several new multi-use developments that would be perfect for a third location. Just sayin'.)

7. All those scary new designer handbags? Obviously inspired by horror movies. Hee!

8. I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong about the BSG episode numbering confusion. Tsk, tsk. Turns out that the premiere was actually considered ONE episode, and last week was 3.03; the season finale will be 3.19 (huh?). I'll grudgingly switch over to the new system, despite its lack of common sense.

9. Slate has a fun taste-test of various premade lunches, ala the Lunchables brand. Great advice for parents, sure, but hands up if any other grownups out there have bought 'em too. :)

10. Yup, I watched the first episode of Torchwood last night. "Underwhelmed" isn't the right word, but I didn't fall in love the way I'd expected. I'm about to start episode 2, and I'm quite willing to change my opinion!

11. Autumn's here! The trees are stunning, the air is brisk, and I am blissfully happy. And since autumn always puts me in a Grant Lee Buffalo mood, here are the album and concert versions of "Mighty Joe Moon", my all-time favorite song.
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