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Feeling really scatterbrained tonight, which isn't much of a change from the usual, I suppose. I'm also getting paranoid over health issues. Am going to call the doctor's office first thing tomorrow and see if I can get in either after work or during planning, so that I don't have to take off work yet another day. Hopefully they'll turn out to be nothing, but they're bizarre enough to make me nervous.

Today was quite eventful. Trinnifer and I thought the BSG panel was at 11:30 instead of 10, but she figured it out just in time for us to haul ourselves downtown. The panel itself wasn't very good due to certain issues (which I'll not mention), but we still have a big ol' crush on Tahmoh. He loved her "New Caprica is for lovers" t-shirt -- yay! And then it was time to come back here, pack up, and take Trinnifer to the airport. I'll miss her. :(

Since heading to the airport to pick her up on Thursday night, I've driven 354 miles. Wow. Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday that my rear passenger tire was *bald* in spots, which is quite scary. Although I hate Wal-Mart, I headed down there this afternoon to get it replaced; hey, they were the only place open today, and I could get some grocery shopping done. While there, I browsed through teen magazines, because I'd like to buy and/or subscribe to a few for my students. Advice, please: do y'all know of any good pop-culture mags geared specifically toward Latina or African-American teens? I found a nice-but-expensive one about quincenearas, but it was primarily fashion and didn't have many articles. I thumbed through Sister2Sister, except I'm iffy about the sex-and-dating sections. ;) ElleGirl and Teen People are fine, but most of my students are Latina and A-A, and I think they'd appreciate magazines specifically geared toward them.

Some links:

-- The House Next Door is focusing on The Wire this week, as a lead-in to the premiere. I've never seen the show and don't really care to (not my type of thing), but the essays look really interesting.

-- Martin Sheen's going to college! Seriously. He's enrolling in the National University of Ireland as a freshman, and he seems quite serious about it. "I don't want this to be just a lark. I want to see if I can seriously commit to it." That's just so cool. :)

-- Battery-powered love: an infomercial for an, er, erotic toy. Absolutely hilarious, and totally not work-safe.

-- The always fabulous txvoodoo has posted hi-res photos of Doctor Who's cast at a TV awards show. Mmm, pretty.

-- I've linked to her before, but if you're interested in Project Runway, you should definitely check out spikewriter's weekly recaps. She always has fascinating things to say.
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