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Today is the greatest day of my entire life.

Okay, not really, but it's still pretty fabulous. Backing up... I had the evil insomnia again on Tuesday night, when I managed two hours of sleep. Yesterday I forced myself to skip my usual nap, getting a mani-pedi to keep myself awake. But I still felt like hell all evening, which sucked because I wanted to be excited about so many marvelous things in my life right now. So I went to bed a little after midnight (which is freakishly early for me) and crossed my fingers. Guess what? No insomnia! Seven uninterrupted hours of sleep, and today I feel AMAZING. Best I've felt in ages, both in mood and body. I am ready to kick some serious bee-hind this weekend at D*C.

Though this euphoria does raise several worrisome questions:

1) Does this mean I should go to bed early every night? Because that's just terrifying.
2) Does trinnifer adore me enough to forgive the messy apartment I was too tired to clean last night?
3) What if my freakishly good mood scares everyone? Oh, wait. That's nothing unusual.
4) Watching Tim Gunn was the highlight of my whole evening, and I was able to sleep blissfully after PR. Does Tim really have such magical powers? If so, why the hell doesn't he harness and exploit them for good and/or evil?

Everything hasn't been 100% fantabulous, though. My skirt zipper busted this morning. Good thing my shirt is long enough to cover the gaping hole on my hip, but *sigh*. And tonight shall be quite stressful...

4:30 I get off work
5:29 trinnifer's flight arrives
6:30 We drive out of the airport (though this is Hartsfield, so who knows?)
7:00 8th Grade Open House begins. No way in hades can I miss that, even with a friend flying in from NC/VA. I might could swing a slightly late arrival, but that's pushing it. As long as we can get out of the airport by 6:30, we should be okay. Knock on wood. And then poor Trinnifer gets to spend her first evening in Atlanta watching me meet-and-greet my students' parents. Lucky her! (We might head down to the Hilton afterward to pick up badges, depending on how exhausted we are. Which, I suspect, will be "quite".)

All righty. Must go do some prep work so that things won't get crazy while I'm gone tomorrow. Best thing about 8th grade is that we get a really long Planning, so I can read/update LJ slightly guilt-free. :)
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