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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

There are few things in life worse than discovering that cream-cheese-free dishes you've ordered for takeout do, in fact, contain cream cheese. Doc Chey's menu lists the Thai Shrimp Rolls as having "shrimp, garlic, ginger & scallions". So you'd think they'd be safe for me to order, right? WRONG. Oh, and Chris? Remember how those PJ's waiters assured me that the strawberry cake was free of ickyawful cream cheese? Guess what kind of frosting it had? GAH! Er, for those of you unaware of my #1 Most Hated Thing in This World, you've probably figured out that it is cream cheese. I don't just dislike the taste or texture. I hate its very existence. (And did I mention that I'm a very weird person? Yes? Okay, good.)

I went to yoga this afternoon, and it went much better than last time -- er, mostly. Ninety-minute sessions aren't exactly easy for a newbie like me, and I had to sit out chunks of it. But that's OKAY. I'm perfectly fine with that! The instructor was great; not a lot of personalized attention, but then she had a class of 20 with three first-timers. The studio does a varation of Bikram with the heat but using a different circuit of poses, and though the heat (105 degrees, baby) leaves me literally *dripping*, I think it's the best fit for me. I'm going to try to hit the Hot classes twice weekly, plus Tuesday's vinyasa practice session with the truly awesome Bethany.

Some links:
  • spikewriter has compiled an awesome timeline and explanation of how and why Keith got kicked off Project Runway. Definitely cleared up some things for me! If you're a fan of the show, her recaps have been excellent so far.

  • syliasyliasylia *owns* the Em Ess Paint meme. Lee/Noodles OTP4EVA! She also posted hi-res scans of Jamie Bamber in Out Magazine. Mmm, pretty.

  • viciouswishes talks about the femslash community, or lack thereof. I do enjoy reading femslash sometimes, but I've never written any. Must change that someday (I have a strange urge to write Kara/Dee. Just because. ;)

  • Two fun articles from Slate: 1) Why I moved heaven and earth to build a backyard bocce court -- bocce is a total mystery to me, but I've seen quite a few sets for sale recently. 2 ) The deluded world of air conditioning. Hmph! My dad's been a self-employed A/C contractor since I was a baby, so I literally owe most of my life to freon. I get the author's environmental concerns, but dammit, don't make me live without central air! (As I told some friends at Writercon, "Theoretically, Atlanta is very hot, but none of us really know that because we spend all our time indoors, and every single building has A/C." ;)

  • Creative Loafing's police blotter is the most surreal and hilarious thing ever. From last week: The manager of a new home business said someone scrawled the words "Home of Lord Dreadd" on his sales sign on East Paces Ferry Road. Also, the back door of one home had graffiti that said, "Thank you Lord Dreadd."

So, I'm going back to work tomorrow, and in mourning for in honor of this momentous occasion, I decided that this middle school teacher should do my own version of the traditional back-to-school activity.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation
by alanna

1. I moved! Rather unexpectedly, since I got fed up with my apartment flooding (not my fault! stupid outdoor pipes) for the eighth time in six years. So I moved to a much bigger place in the same complex, AND I LOVE IT!

2. I visited my family in Dallas, and I found out that I'm going to be an aunt! My neice or nephew will be here in late February, and I'm so excited I can barely stand it!!!

3. Major purchases: a new laptop, a sofa, and a bedroom suite. (All without going into debt. Thank you, school district, for that extra paycheck last week.)

4. I wrote lots of BSG fic: Scattershot, Felt Like Flying, Plural Possessive, bare her teeth and growl (with Trinnifer!), Tracing Ink Patterns on Your Skin, The Crouton, and assorted drabbles and other sekrit stuff. ;)

5. I attended writercon.

6. I squee'd mightily over BSG, Doctor Who, Rescue Me, and various other TV shows.

7. I posted tons of links, and I joined Vox.

8. I sewed a quilt! I knitted socks and a messenger bag and a Jayne hat!

9. I tried yoga... and I loved it!

10. Despite the above list, I was very, very, VERY lazy. ;)

Gee, I usually tell my fellow teachers, "Eh, it was a fairly boring summer." Guess I'll have plenty to chatter about tomorrow, huh?
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