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Omigod. It's way too early to be lucid. stars_like_dust kept me up late writing tag-fic that was tons of fun, even if I had to bail on her a few hours before my usual bedtime. The Craigslist furniture folks are coming by in the next few hours to pick up the old stuff, and I'm dragging chrisjournal away from Writercon prep to help with the cleanup. Good to get it over and done with, especially early in the day. But damn. I'm tired. I say now that I'll take a nap later, but of course I won't. ;)

musing_mia and I went to POTC last night. She loved it, but I was utterly bored out of my mind. I even started daydreaming about fic instead of actually watching the movie. Just didn't have the sheer fun and exhilaration of the original -- which is my totally subjective opinion, and I'm sure everyone else would enjoy it!

Out Magazine's cover story with Jamie Bamber is now up on their website (link credit goes to twister10). The photos are great and creative, and the article has some interesting things to say about gay issues on both BSG and TV in general -- definitely worth reading even if you're not into the show. Oh, there is a small spoiler in the very last paragraph of page 3, so that's really easy to avoid.)

ww1614 linked to an interesting NY Times article about TV showrunners getting involved in fandom, spurred by Peter Tolan's (Rescue Me) fiasco on the TWOP boards. They talk to Wing Chun, Ron Moore, Rob Thomas, Ausiello, and many others. Great stuff, even if the producer-types are often just a wee bit myopic at times.

The LA Times wrote about "sausage casing girls" -- women wearing clothes a wee bit (or way too) tight for their body types. God, I wish retailers would go back to the baggier clothing styles, one of the few good things about grunge. ;)

Well, this post has kept me from dozing off, and now Chris and I are off to clean and get rid of furniture. Hope y'all are having a lovely Saturday!
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