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drive-by updating.

Quickie update this time. (I have an unbroken streak of daily posts since 8/04, so heaven forbid I skip a day now!)

-- Let me repeat: chrisjournal and lisalamona are amazing. After a lovely lunch at Atkins Park, we came back to the old place for an hour of clean-up. They were incredibly helpful, and they actually nagged that they wanted to do more! Chris is coming back on Thursday, and by then we should have this place spotless and ready to vacate. Oh, and Lisa? I found the remotes two minutes after you left, and the A/V setup works perfectly. ;) Thanks!

-- Charter sucks. I'd originally set up my cable transfer appointment for yesterday, but their system screwed up and changed it to today. Seemed strange they'd send someone out on the 4th, but whatever. Yet nobody called this morning to let me know when the repair guy would be by, and their office (next to the place where we had lunch) was totally closed. This means I'm without internet access at the new place until they show up, whenever that might be. I'm going to call and yell at them in the morning. In the meantime, I have to haul my laptop over to the old apartment to get online. Grr!

-- Several of y'all asked for Vox invites. Unfortunately, right now I only have "unlimited starter invites", which means you can only set up a profile, neighborhood, and comment on others' accounts -- no posting to your own blog. If you still want one, let me know and I'll try to do them once I have better 'net access. Otherwise, probably best to just wait until I have either standard invites or you find someone else with them.

-- The Fourth of July tends to be "just another day" in my world, but much happiness and fireworks to those of you who do celebrate! I might drive around in search of fireworks later tonight, but I'll probably just watch DVDs, unpack/decorate, and maybe knit or write some fic. :)
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