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moving day!

Big day! I overslept, of course, but elfgirl was quite understanding -- and utterly fabulous throughout the move. The UHaul van turned out to be perfect for my needs, and we moved all the furniture in four hours. My muscles are surprisingly non-sore, given the workout they got. So now I'm back at the old place, because I won't have cable (and 'net access) until tomorrow. Inconvenient, sure, but at least I'm getting some laundry done too. Tomorrow, lisalamona and chrisjournal have graciously offered to help with the big cleanup -- I have such wonderful friends -- and it looks like I might get everything settled sooner than I planned!

I love the new apartment more and more each time I see it. Understand, I've lived in this one for six years, so changing domiciles is a pretty damn big deal. :) It's 650sf, and the new one is 875sf -- didn't feel like much more at first, but now that the furniture's in, it feels HUGE. It's also quite private: I only share one wall, I have a separate entrance away from the others, and my view is of pine trees. Will have to take photos once everything's sorted out. :)

elfgirl gave me a Vox invite. Though I definitely plan to stay on LiveJournal, I thought I'd try it out. So far, it appears to be like most other blog sites, but it has some interesting features. I've duplicated this post over on my new account, if you want to see what Vox is like.

And of course I have to finish things up with some links. :)

-- "Who's the voice of this generation?" Time compares current popular writers to past greats, and wonders if any of them really capture what it's like to be a young adult in our society.

-- EntWkly has a fabulous interview with the even more fabulous Amy Sedaris. (Must go see Strangers with Candy once the moving is done.)

-- CityofAngel talks to Jane Espenson about her upcoming Galactica episode. No spoilers, folks. I kinda love that her favorite episodes are ones featuring Kara. :)
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