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The Must List

One of the few good things about the airport is that it gets magazines super-early. I picked up a copy of EntWkly's "Must List 2006". I get way too addicted to those damn things. Unfortunately, this year's is rather lackluster, aside from a *stunning* photo of the female Cylons (Tricia, Lucy, and Grace), and writeups of T.C. Boyle, Amy Sedaris, and the Corddrys. Ah, well. That photo really is mind-blowingly gorgeous, and hopefully the rest of the mag will be more scintillating than the first half.

BTW, the BSG writeup does have minor spoilers, of course. Fortunately, they're near the end of the quasi-interview, so you can skip 'em. I'll type them up behind ye olde spoilerrific cut-tag.

(Everyone else probably knows about the last sentence, but I didn't. So hey.)

"Thre's gonna be quite a few shockers in the first three-parter," says Helfer of season 3. "We're gonna see what goes on inside the Cylon Basestar." Park discloses even more: "One of the Cylons is gonna be permanently killed."

And now I'm fixin'ta head on down to the Di-Sham to get me some Diet DP. {blink} Yup, I'm definitely back in Texas.
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