April 6th, 2010

knitting - retro

Hey, Teach!

I finished the sweater! Collapse )

Time for a linkspam:
-- Slate talks about common navigational mistakes, and they have a hilarious essay on how the White House Easter Egg Roll is evil government indoctrination.
-- Last weekend I watched Donald Glover's (from Community) stand-up special. I loved this routine about melodramatic school kids.
-- Awww. Vulture reports from the Ugly Betty wrap party and applies to be an anti-piracy intern.
-- MonkeySee interviews Grant Imahara about Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton sidekick.
-- A bit late, but here are ten bits of trivia about Faberge eggs.
-- PopWatch asks whether people really watch Friday night TV programming.
-- And since this linkspam is pretty short, here's a silly ficlet I wrote to celebrate Tara finishing her Academy fic. ;)