December 23rd, 2008

*gen - tiffany

One last post before the airport...

Thanks so much to those of you who left notes about the knitted nativity scene! I'm completely packed and killing a bit of time before I have to head to the airport at 5pm for a 7:30 flight. Today's supposed to be such a crazy travel day, but the Hartsfield website says security wait times are short. I'm glad to be leaving from T-gates, which means I can basically just walk right up (assuming I don't have a long wait at the checkpoint.) I'm excited about the visit, especially since my sister called earlier to let me know that my 21-month-old nephew has been saying my name all day. Aww. :)

Other things making me happy:

-- My darling friend indigo419 wrote me a gift fic, that's about, well, Lee giving Kara gifts. Much love to her for that! (And I got the card today, Indi. *mwah*)

-- Sufjan Stevens has posted his annual Christmas carols. You can download the free .mp3s at that site.

-- Last night I watched The Sound of Music to cheer myself up. Damn, I love that movie.