December 20th, 2008

*gen - tiffany


Well, it's been a pretty rough week, but I made it through. Now I have two weeks off. Whew! Not much to say tonight, but I do have a ton of links that I need to clear out of Google Reader. :)

-- Getting sick of adorable kittens and puppies from sites like Cute Overload? Check out Fuck You, Penguin.
-- Three good ones from Mental Floss: the stories behind 5 holiday treats, how to be a local character, and Namibia, land of awesome.
-- Salon celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Wind in the Willows, and Slate asks us to stop picking on the Newbery Medal.
-- Slate also bemoans the moral and aesthetic nightmare of Christmas. But then they have a great debate about the state of the cookie.
-- Not that I would condone movie piracy (hee!), but some Oscar screeners are online.
-- National Geographic offers a list of hangover cures from around the world.
-- Salon interviews the writer of a book about the worldwide phenomenon of karaoke.
-- Vulture interviews the truly awesome Franka Potente.
-- In a move that surprises absolutely nobody, Barack Obama is Time's Person of the Year.
-- Check out some squirrel feet earrings and other bizarre gifts.
-- This woman uses book spines to tell a short story.
-- Neatorama explains how CSI has changed the way we perceive crime investigation.
-- In the EW year-end issue (more on that tomorrow), the cast of How I Met Your Mother reenacts pop culture moments.
-- A writer for the Guardian hilariously explores the evils of "shapewear".

Oh, and one more for my BSG (and Kara/Lee) fandom friends: caprican_dame has been posting reviews of K/L fics. Many of the old favorites, yes, but she also has reviews of some more obscure fics. She says she has quite a few more stories on her to-do list. I've really enjoyed rereading some and seeing others for the first time. Thanks for doing this, CD!