December 14th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Dead fish.

After seeing it in the new Knitty, I couldn't resist making one of the dead fish hats. Collapse )

And here's a linkspam....
-- synecdochic has posted a really interesting Q&A about writing.
-- The You Suck at Photoshop web series is bizarre, in a hilarious way.
-- Here's a great list of online museums.
-- A picspam of the most alien-looking places on Earth, plus 10 unintentionally scary Santas.
-- Mental Floss lists 10 things you didn't know the names of, plus a picspam of bizarre portraits of Barack Obama.
-- As a former hardcore Britpop girl, I kinda want to go to the Blur reunion concert.
-- And a British study reveals that nearly half of all men and one-third of women have lied about what they have read to try to impress friends or potential partners. Should I also admit to that?