December 7th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"Et maintenant le voyage a la supermarche!"

I'm having a pretty darn great day, after a rather rocky start. My knitting group had our Christmas party this afternoon. I got up early to cook and realized that I hadn't left enough time. I finally left only a few minutes late, but that was compounded by a series of communication mishaps that meant I arrived nearly 45 minutes late. Ah, well. I brought crispy sweet potatoes and a simple green bean dish, both of which were big hits. We also did a Secret Santa yarn swap. My giftee wasn't there due to the flu, but I received sock yarn from another friend -- Dream in Color's Smooshy in "Chinatown Apple". Yay! It's actually a gorgeous orange/brown/rose instead of red, and it'll work beautifully for a pair of socks.

This Jezebel post comparing FOTC's "Inner City Pressure" to "Jizz in my Pants" from last night's SNL made me go on another YouTube binge. Conchords return in January! YAY! The premiere will stream online on December 17th. Then I'll have to decide whether to shell out for HBO. I want to support the show, and I don't want to wait until it appears online or at iTunes. But $20/month is a lot when that's the only thing I watch on HBO. Such a dilemma. To cheer me up, Collapse )

So, is January 16-18 a great weekend, or the greatest weekend? Of course we have the return of BSG, plus FOTC. Damages isn't a favorite, but it's still pretty interesting. I'm also curious about The United States of Tara. And then there's Lost. Those should keep me pretty busy.

And here's a linkspam to clear out my bookmarks.
-- 23/6 is a new liberal-slanted humor site that is pretty damn funny. My favorite is their slideshow of Obama's visit to the White House.
-- NYMag suggests that we might be suffering from Quality Show Fatigue.
-- Mental Floss answers the question of whether two snowflakes can be alike and lists 10 NaNoWriMo books that were published.
-- The NY Post has a fabulous interview with Jessica Walter.
-- Live Apartment Fire gives you a fun way to watch your local news: Holiday News Bingo.
-- Nigeness complains about the commercialization of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".
-- Yahoo HotJobs lists suggested holiday tips for various service workers.
-- The Times has an interesting (and somewhat snobby) article about book clubs.
-- A Salon writer describes how the Narnia books inspired her love of reading.
-- And finally... has an adorable video with Katee Sackhoff talking about her L&O episode.