December 4th, 2008

*gen - tiffany


1. Insomnia struck again last night, and this cold (or maybe it’s a sinus infection) is one persistent little bastard. When I got to work this morning, my co-teacher took one look and told me to just go home.

2. This is such a sad, lovely article about tv_elf, who passed away last week, and the nature of LJ friendships that transcend fandom.

3. I enjoyed watching Katee Sackhoff on L&O last night, even if there wasn’t enough of her (if you saw those preview clips, that’s most of it.), but then I’ve always enjoyed the Mothership. And the previews showed Trucco as a serial rapist (yikes) in next week’s SVU. Of all the Hollywood bigshots to fanboy BSG and hire many of its actors, I wouldn’t have expected it to be Dick Wolf. ;) And I’m sure Epatha Merkerson had fun last night.

4. Poniewozik at Time has a review of the Dollhouse pilot. Hmm. I’d call it spoiler-lite: the kind of hint-y stuff you’d usually see in a magazine review, but no real spoilers for the overall plot.

5. Any recommendations of inexpensive hypo-allergenic and/or fragrance-free body lotion? (i.e. the kind you can get at CVS instead of online or a specialty shop.) I’ve been trying to avoid scented lotions and shower gels throughout the month because I suspect that my skin is more sensitive than I’d ever realized; I get really dreadful breakouts on my chest and shoulders, but only my face cleared up when I went on the dermatologist’s prescription. (And I’m trying to avoid another derma visit.) My skin is dryer than a lint-free sheet right now, so I really need something for it. Thanks in advance!
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