December 1st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Our semi-annual "omg it's snowing!" freakout.

I am still sick. It's almost entirely sinus congestion, so I'm sure I'll be fine before long. (Yes, I'm drinking hot tea and chicken soup, plus copious amounts of Day/Nyquil.) I'd planned to use the time to run a few errands, such as getting the oil changed in my car. But right now it's sleeting/snowing here in Vinings, so maybe I'll stay in. Well, after running to QT for some more Diet Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and I'm also reading Vanity Fair's new article on Tina Fey. Still loving her to itty bitty pieces.

Georgians: don't forget to vote tomorrow!
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*gen - tiffany

Good customer service!

I complained about bad customer service on Friday night, but today was an example of how much better things go when BOTH parties are polite and considerate of each other. Credit where it's due, right?

I headed to the QuikTrip (convenience store) down the street for Diet Dr. Pepper; they always sell two 12-packs for $5.99, and I go through those things much faster than I should. They didn't have any in the refrigerated shelves, so I waited my turn then asked the clerk if he could check in the back if he had the time. No dice -- he said they're often sold out after a holiday weekend. Then he offered to call a nearby store, which did have them in stock. I drove over there and even though the store was busy, the cashier greeted me with a smile. "You must be the person who wanted the Diet DPs! I've got them right here." We chatted as I paid, and I left feeling pretty good about the whole thing. (The good mood was negated somewhat by the guy at Panda Express who only filled up the soup container halfway then got surly when I asked him to please fill it the correct amount, but whatever!)

This afternoon I went to, even though I've never shopped there before, because I wanted to see if they had any inexpensive sweaters to replace a beige one that got covered in ink via the dryer debacle. Jackpot! All sweaters on sale for $15, with selected styles only $5 with a $50 purchase! Definitely within my very low clothing budget. I chose four other sweaters totaling $55, then two of the $5 ones. When I went to check out, the site wouldn't accept the coupon code. I called their 800#. The woman told me to place the order, and the discount would usually appear on my final invoice; if not, just call back. I placed the order -- six sweaters for $90, which is still a great deal but more than I wanted to spend, especially since I should've saved $20 on those two sale sweaters. I sent an e-mail to their customer service department but didn't hear anything. So a few minutes ago I called the 800# again and waited on hold. When the CSR answered, we made small talk while she pulled up my order. I said it sounded like she had a sore throat, and I joked that I was home sick today as well. That started things off on a friendly foot. (Yeah, I know some CSRs hate that sort of thing, but it tends to work out better in my experience.) She claimed my order didn't qualify for the discount, so I pulled up the page and pointed out that the text there said it did. After a few moments of her checking and me being very firm-but-polite, she finally said that she would change those prices to $5 and throw in free shipping. So I ended up getting my SIX sweaters for a grand total of $68, and I felt really good about the whole experience. I almost never shop online because I prefer to see/touch the things I buy -- and I tend to talk myself out of things when I get to the online shopping cart stage -- but this made me far more likely to shop at in the future.
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