November 28th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"It just makes me want to ... set myself on fire!"

My god, tonight has sucked. Just got home from Texas, and the experience has tested my faith in common decency and left me at the end of my rope. When did society become all about "not my problem" and screwing over other people?

-- At DFW, several of the empty chairs at the gate were covered in leftover McDonald's bags and other trash that the previous occupants hadn't bothered to clear away. I had to toss it in the trash myself. Then I went over to Starbucks, where all the prices were significantly higher than at a regular store. Even the tin of mints that was clearly marked $1.95 cost me $2.50. When I asked about the discrepancy, the barista just shrugged. (Can't really blame him, though, for a screwy corporate policy.)

-- Once I landed at Hartsfield, I ducked into a restroom. The only empty stall had a seat that was covered in pee. Look, I know some people insist on squatting above the seat because heaven forbid they encounter germs. Whatever. But if they're going to do that, at least wipe the fucking thing off before you leave.

-- As I walked through the terminal, two separate groups of people cut me off then glared at me as if I'd dared to get in their way.

-- I finally made it out to the shuttle bus bay for long-term parking. The half-empty shuttle left just as I walked up. Ah, but it gets worse. I always pre-pay for parking, especially over holidays when the lots are usually full. Collapse )

God, I'm just so tired of all this. I'm tired of this whole attitude of "It's not my problem", or even just simple courtesy. When I called my sister to say I'd landed, we talked about it. She's been teaching my 19mo nephew to say "Please" and "Thank you" (and it sounds so cute in his tiny toddler voice), but are we the only ones who say that anymore? God knows it's becoming rare to find people being polite, even just saying those things to the clerk who rings up a purchase or the waiter who takes a restaurant order. And it's tempting to join the masses because, hey, apparently these days we're all just in it for ourselves. *sigh*

Well. At least I'm home now, with two more days before I go back to work. I think I'll watch some of the Arrested Development episodes on the TiVo. Lucille Bluth always cheers me up!
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