November 26th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

A quick fandom update.

A few BSG fandom things, while they're on my mind:

1) According to James Callis, the series finale is very emotionally involving. Really, you should go see his actual quote, which I can't quite bring myself to repeat here. Yikes.

2) The preview trailer is now at the official site (click on the list of videos on the right). So much for the grand Thanksgiving unveiling.

3) They also have a strange-but-kinda-cool preview/countdown site, with "new clues" each week until the premiere. In my opinion, it's not all that spoilery. Click on the red dots at the bottom for the various clues. The fourth one is a video clip that made me laugh.

4) On the flight to Texas, I listened to a very long NPR Book Tour Podcast with John Hodgman. As always, Hodgman is quite delightful, and I got a kick out of how he talks about BSG several times throughout the hour, including Collapse )

I'll try and update tomorrow with some non-fandom stuff!