October 27th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

I'm a Georgia Voter!

I VOTED! For real this time!

The media has been abuzz about long lines for Early Voting, so today several of us decided to go try and vote after work. I arranged to meet a friend at the polling place about five minutes from school (each of us taking our own cars). When I got there, I had a hell of a time parking, and a woman heading back out to her car said that she'd had a six hour wait. Yikes! She told me she'd heard that lines at Galleria were only 45 minutes, so I decided to head over there -- plus, it's only a few minutes from where I live. I arrived at around 4:30 and was told the wait was approximately an hour and a half. Sure enough, I finally walked out the door at 6:05, along with the sticker in my icon. Fortunately, the line moved quickly, which gave the illusion of not taking nearly as long as it really did. There was a chill in the air, so some waiters from a sports bar in the mall came around with hot chocolate. I read a few chapters of Sarah Vowell's new book about the Puritans, which I thought rather fitting for the circumstances. And when I finally stood at the booth and clicked Barack Obama's name ... well, I practically squeed aloud and couldn't stop grinning. It felt GREAT. (Voting is supposed to be secret? Oops. I'm too thrilled and proud to keep my mouth shut. ;)

For the heck of it, I took a phonepic of the long lines, just because the huge turnout makes me so happy. And I'll throw in a photo of gorgeous orange-y autumn tree! Collapse )