October 25th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Shower consumerism.

Why do so many women (i.e. "me") feel the need to buy the fancier bath/body stuff, when bargain brands would most likely work just fine?

I like to rotate shower gels, so I have at least three in there at any given time. Although I have enough to last a while, I just want some new stuff. Unfortunately, I'm in a big budget crunch right now, so I headed to Target. I could choose between a huge assortment of Dove/Suave/Neutrogena for under $4, or I could go with their fancier brands - none of which are even that fancy because, hey, it's Target. I really liked the pump-handle bottle of Soap & Glory with eucalyptus, mint, chocolate(!), and rosemary for $10. I agonized over this decision! I finally went with the Soap & Glory because, dammit, I wanted it.

Thing is, with few exceptions, body wash is body wash, no matter what claims the bottle makes. Fancy stuff ain't gonna get me any cleaner than the $1.97 brand. At some point it becomes more about the brand and the packaging than what's inside. I'll admit I've bought brands just to show off. "Yeah, I'm a hipster girl who uses fancy lotions and body washes!" Except I don't have houseguests coming anytime soon, and if I did, would they even care? Nope. I suppose it's because I want to see myself as that kind of person, even if it means spending a few bucks more than necessary. Rather silly, but there it is.

And I'm not gonna return the new bottle. It smells fabulous. :)