October 23rd, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Today's assorted bits of randomness.

1. I've been eating fish quite often lately, maybe because Trader Joe's has those great (and cheap) vacuum-frozen filets. OTOH, I'm tired of buying ground beef for tacos only to have it spoil on me several days before the sell-by date.

2. The season premiere of 30 Rock is now available at Hulu! WHEE! Damn, I've been waiting a long time for this. Gonna watch it tonight after my usual post-work nap.

3. I hate guns, yet I want to knit a gun holster like in last night's Pushing Daisies. Just because.

4. In addition to the fabulousness of changing leaves, we're now hitting autumn weather here in Atlanta. Tomorrow's high will be in the fifties. Excellent. I'm not a summer fan despite having lived in the sunbelt all my life, and fall/winter clothes are just better than summer ones. Plus, it means I can finally wear all those scarves I've knitted!

5. Linkspam, anyone?
-- Jez interviews Sarah Haskins, of those fabulous CurrenTV "Target:Women" videos. They also want to know what's up with collecting friends on Facebook. I suppose LJ is vaguely similar, but at least friends-lists are far more interactive, right?
-- WTF Broccoli? Why are there faces in it? (Creepy but funny.)
-- Aw, man. A sad story about Tysons Corner Mall firing its longtime Santa.
-- Vulture has a hilarious pie chart of how NBC can cut $500 million from its budget.
-- Mental Floss links to a really cool documentary about the London Underground map.
-- And one for txvoodoo: the 13 freakiest fish of 2008!
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