October 21st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Two more weeks until the election!

I voted! Okay, that's a lie, but I tried to vote. Went to the County Elections Center for early voting, only to find a massive line (almost two hours' wait) and absolutely NO parking. If I'd been able to find a spot, I would've stayed. But since I couldn't, I guess I'll wait until November 4th. The lines will be just as long, but then there's something about the event of voting on Election Day.

I try not to talk politics too often here, but I'm feeling good. Maybe even hopeful! Quite disconcerting after the past eight years. I think Obama just might win this thing. :) And since I'm in a good mood, I thought I'd ask my like-minded friends here to share the optimism. So, why are you voting for Obama? Why do you think he'll be good for the U.S.?

(And I'd appreciate keeping this pro-Obama instead of anti-McCain, thanks! If you plan to vote GOP, that's your choice and I respect it.)